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Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news! This week we get into some fun technical stuff and read about new penalties from Google. Let’s take a look!



Google News:

  • Webmaster Tools Sending Out Sitelink Search Box Notices – Recently, Webmaster Tools has been alerting webmasters to make their site “ready for the new sitelinks search box.” This includes having a site-specific search engine, adding some markups to your site’s homepage, and setting the right canonical URL for your homepage. The alert includes how-to links for all of these things, thankfully. I just looked and I have not yet received an alert, what about you?
  • Latest Transparency Report Shows Large Increase In Governmental Requests – Google recently released their tenth transparency report, and the results are fascinating. In the first six months of this year, U.S. governmental requests for information have increased 19% versus last year. So far there have been 12,539 requests in total (84% of which resulted in Google providing the requested data). Google said this is a 250% increase over the first report five years ago, which is simply astonishing. You can check out the entire report here.
  • Several Turkish News Sites Penalized For Keyword Stuffing – Search Enginegoogle-turkey Roundtable reports that several Turkish news websites seem to have been penalized for keyword stuffing, even including CNNTurk.com. These sites were apparently penalized due to content spam and keyword stuffing, which seems like such a silly thing to do in this day and age, as the chances of getting caught doing so completely outweigh what little SEO value one might get from such a tactic.
  • Google Patent Describes Using Television In Search Algorithm – A recent patent has been filed by Google that hopes to be able to determine what a user is watching on television and make their search results relevant to it. It’s not entirely clear HOW Google would know what you’re watching – the most likely explanation seems to have something to do with using television listings for your area based on your IP address – but it sounds like a fascinating idea regardless. If they can pull it off, more power to them.


Other News:

  • Bing Removes 130 Million URLs For Keyword Stuffing – You might recall from our last installment that Bing announced it was going to begin filtering out keyword-stuffed URLs from their search results pages. Interestingly enough – and unlike Google, which keeps information like this close to their chest – Bing not only detailed how this filtering works, but also how many URLs were affected as a result. Apparently five million websites, totaling around 130 million URLs, were affected by the new filter. Bing now analyzes factors like the size of the site, the number of hosts, and content quality. Fascinating stuff, to be sure.
  • Facebook Launches Page To Help Content Creators – Facebook recently launched what it’s calling Facebook Media, a portal of sorts that gives content creators Facebook’s best practices for successfully connecting with audiences. The page includes industry-specific success stories, best practices, and its own blog. As a content creator myself, I’m seeing this as pretty valuable information.



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