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Hello my friends, and welcome to another look at some of the top news stories that happened in the world of SEO this past week. There’s some good stuff in here from Google this week, and a surprising but of news about Yahoo, so let’s get to it:

Google News:

  • Moz Study: Correlation Between +1s and Higher Rankings – In a recent “scientific correlation study” Moz studies the qualities that have a strong association with high rankings in Google. They found that +1’s are the second most important factor behind the authority of the page itself and they found that posts shared on Google+ are indexed nearly instantly. Google+ posts pass link and truss equity, and thus Google+ posts have more SEO benefits in general than other social media posts. Matt Cutts chimed in to say there’s no correlation and that +1’s have no impact on ranking, simply stating that it should be obvious that posts with more +1’s and likes rank more highly, as this usually denotes more compelling content.
  • Cutts: Page Speed Not More Important for Search – A lot of brouhaha has been made lately of Google’s increased focus on mobile page speed, such as a new mobile test and new guidelines. In a recent video, Matt Cutts was asked if mobile speed has more weight than desktop speed in terms of rankings. Cutts said that speed is no more or less weighted on mobile than it is on desktop, even though they know speed matters more on mobile to many people.
  • Google Appears to Go Beyond Webmaster Tools Links in Assessing Illegal Linking –  A little while back, Google engineers stated that disavowing and removing links found within Google Webmaster Tools should be enough for Google to reconsider a website’s value. Now, however, after Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz discovered a Google Help thread in which an unnatural link alert was sent to a webmaster containing a link not found in Webmaster Tools, he emailed Google for more information. Matt Cutts responded saying that if there’s a really good link that illustrates their linking problem, they’ll share it regardless of it being in Webmaster Tools or not, in order to help a webmaster diagnose their linking issue.google-logo
  • Google Outage Causes 40% Drop in Global Internet Traffic – Google had a small blackout recently that lasted less than five minutes. However, as all Google services were down, there was an overall drop of 40% in global Internet traffic during the period of the blackout, which is pretty astounding.

Other News:

  • Yahoo Receives More Visits than Google in July – comScore has reported that Yahoo and its associated properties received 197 million unique visitors in July, while Google only received 192 million. This is the first time since May, 2011 that Yahoo has achieve comScore’s top spot, and this also is a twenty percent increase in traffic from a year ago. Microsoft, Facebook and AOL took the third, fourth and fifth spots respectfully.
  • Vine Hits 40 Million Users – Last week, Vine – which allows you to record short six second videos – announced that it had passed a milestone of 40 million users, which is quite a lot of growth since it launched in January.
  • Bing Provides Ad-Free Searching Experience to Over 800,000 Students – Bing recently launched its “Bing For Schools” program which allows participating schools to receive ad-free searches, safe filtered searches and the possibility to earn Bing Rewards credits toward Surface tablets.


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