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Another week, another batch of SEO news. Welcome, friends, to our look at the biggest and best SEO news bits from the last week! Last week brought us a good deal of Google and Facebook news, so let’s dive in!

Google News:google-g-logo-2012

  • Cutts: Have Bad Links? Don’t Worry About It, Disavow Them! – In a recent video, Google’s Matt Cutts said that even if you have contacted a site admin and asked them to remove spammy links, and those links haven’t been removed, still disavowing those links is the right thing to do and you likely have nothing further to worry about. One can even disavow links at the domain level and have all of those links ignored.
  • Google Fights Spam in Forty Languages, Primarily English – In another video with Matt Cutts, he stated that the two portions of the web spam team – engineers and manual web spam teams – strive to internationalize their web spam algorithms in forty languages, but since not every engineer can speak some languages, more work goes into fighting English spam though the work done on the English side of things gets worked into fighting spam internationally.
  • Google Adds “In-Depth” Articles to SERPs – Google is rolling out “in depth” articles for broad search terms (such as “population” or “earth”) from what look to be higher quality sources such as The Guardian or Forbes. This new block seems to appear at the bottom of the search results pages and typically lists three articles that appear to be picked at random. These won’t show up for more detailed or focused searches.

Facebook News:facebook

  • Facebook Alters News Feed Algorithm to Focus on Older, Yet Active Stories in News Feed – Facebook announced that it’s updating its EdgeRank algorithm with a “story bumping” feature which allows users to see what the most popular posts in their feed are, even if they’re older. These organic results are based on the likes and comments a post receives, and will allow Facebook to better respond to popular or real-time events.
  • Facebook Gets More Eyes During the Day than Television – According to a new study by Nielsen, they found that during the day, over 50% of respondents between eighteen and forty-four are viewing Facebook; meanwhile television is only around 20%. Facebook viewership drops as the respondents’ age increased, however, down to 30% for respondents sixty-five and older (which still seems like a lot). In primetime, however, television beats out Facebook for respondents older than twenty-four.
  • Bar Posts Photo of Nonpaying Customer on Facebook, Leads to Customer’s Arrest – In Reno, Nevada, a serial “dine and dash” customer had his photo taken by an employee of Brewers Cabinet before leaving with a $100 tab unpaid. The photo was posted on Facebook, which ultimately led to the culprit’s arrest. While many supported this action, many question the violation of this person’s privacy regardless of the illegal act he supposedly committed.

Other News:netfliximage

  • Research Paper Argues Search Engines Have Little to Do with Online Piracy – In a paper published by Computer & Communications Industry Association from author Matt Schruers, he argues that notable copyright infringement sites such as the Pirate Bay and others receive very little search traffic and that, rather than blaming search engines, lawful content providers and owners should instead focus on their own SEO efforts so lawful content is easier to find. The author noted that, in Norway for example, the introduction of Spotify and Netflix resulted in an 80% drop in music piracy and a 50% drop in video piracy and that if customers have easy access to lawful content, they’ll chose that over unlawful content.


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