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Hello friends, and welcome to another installment of A Smattering of SEO News covering the week ending 7/26/13. A good deal of interesting news hit our desks last week, so let’s get to it!

Google News:

  • Latest Panda Update Released – According to sources, Google launched a new Panda update recently, and webmasters are seeing a wide range of results. While many sites have dropped, such as non-authoritative and informational sites, authoritative sites and sites using Google+ have apparently seen gains.


  • Google Possibly Reverses Position on Duplicate Content – For years, search engines have told us that duplicate content can be a serious problem. Well now, in a recent video from Matt Cutts, Google apparently has no problem with duplicate content as long as it isn’t spammy or keyword stuffed. SEO professionals are offering mixed reaction to this news, as one would expect.
  • In Gmail, Ads Appearing as Emails – Some people are finding that advertisements are now appearing mixed in with their normal emails within Gmail. These ads are appearing in the new “Promotions” tab as part of Gmail’s recent update. Google says this is to “create a better overall experience” by placing ads not at the top of the page, but in a more “appropriate” place. I’ve not seen this yet myself, but I’m not sure I want it.
  • Study: Google Makes Up Twenty-Five Percent of All Internet Traffic – According to a recently published study by Deepfield, they have found that twenty-five percent of all Internet traffic now involves Google, up from six percent in 2010. They also found that more than sixty percent of Internet end devices exchange traffic with Google over the course of a normal day.
  • Study: Google+ Only Gets Two Percent of Social Shares – In a recent study by Gigya, a social media measurement company, they found that Facebook still gets the lion share of social shares with fifty percent of sharing happening through their network. Twitter is at twenty-four percent, while Pinterest is at sixteen percent. Google+ at two percent, is at the tail end of the pack, having less social shares than LinkedIn at three percent.
  • Google Will Pay $8.5 Million to Settle Privacy Case – MediaPost is reporting that Google has agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought on by several nonprofit organizations who claimed the search engine was disclosing personal information with third parties.

Other News:

  • Search Engines Slump in Customer Satisfaction Survey In a recent report released by ForeSee Results, they found that customer satisfaction for every search engine dropped between 2012 and 2013, Google and Bing seeing the biggest drops, down to seventy-seven (Google’s lowest score ever) and seventy-six percent respectfully. The report explained the drop was because “advertising is diminishing the customer experience, especially among search engines.”
  • Fortune 500 Companies More Active on Twitter than Facebook – In a recent study by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research, they found that seventy-seven percent of Fortune 500 companies were using Twitter, while seventy percent were using Facebook. These numbers are up from 2012 as well. The study also found that sixty-nine percent of companies use YouTube, thirty-five percent use Google+ and thirty-four percent use their own blogs.


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