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Hello my friends, and happy Wednesday! Lots of neat little things have been popping up in the world of SEO news of late, so let’s dive in and take a look, shall we?



Google News:

  • Robots.txt Diagnostic Tool Launched In Webmaster Tools – Google announced today that a new robots.txt tool, found in Webmaster Tools, will give clear, concise, and pretty much real-time diagnosis of your site’s robots.txt file. This tool will tell you if it identifies any problems or if there’s any sites that can’t be indexed. Overall, this seems like an awesome idea.
  • Google Asks For Feedback On Right To Be Forgotten Implementationforgotten Google is now soliciting opinions via a new form, hoping to strike a balance between compliance with the new law and the public’s right to know. If you want to see how the effort to be forgotten is going, a new site has been set up called Hidden From Google that strives to track what’s been removed. It is pretty fascinating to dive into!
  • Google+ Removes Real Name Requirement, Promises Trolls Will Still Be Squished – Google+ has gotten a lot of flak over the years for having confusing policies. One of these was their real name requirement, which was originally intended to help “create a community of real people,” even though many people prefer to use a pseudonym. The site has now reversed this policy, and states that it’s safe to use your real name because their “troll-smashing department has gotten very good at their jobs.” This should help quell the fears of those who believe that using pseudonyms will lead to increased “trolling.”


  • Webmaster Tools Manual Action Data Updated Twice A Day, Emails Only Sent Once – In a recent Hangout, Google’s John Mueller stated that even though webmasters might only be emailed once a day in regards to their manual actions, Google Webmaster Tools is actually updated twice a day with information related to their manual actions. This means even if an action is removed, you might not get an email about it that day. Interesting stuff, to be sure.

Other News:

  • Bing Promises Better Communication – In a blog post, Igor Rondel (a high-bing-right-to-be-forgotten-1405427095level member of Bing’s Index Quality Team) stated that the folks at Bing have recently realized that they haven’t been the best at communicating algorithm and search engine updates. Now they’ll be doing regular updates on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, which should help webmasters keep up with changes to the Bing algorithm.
  • Bing Still Working On Right To Be Forgotten Implementation – Bing has admitted that building a system to comply with the EU’s Right To Be Forgotten ruling is taking them “some time,” and hasn’t given any details as to when their version might be enacted. It will be interesting to see what differences there might be between Bing and Google’s versions of the tools they use to comply with the law.
  • One Of The Big Winners At The World Cup: Twitter – Twitter worked hard totwitter-world-cup-final-300x200 heavily engage with its users during the recent World Cup, and that work apparently paid off. Not only did 672 million tweets about the tournament pass through the social network, but a new record of 618,725 tweets per minute was set. Germany’s crushing defeat of Brazil alone brought in nearly 36 million tweets. That’s pretty amazing.


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