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Hello everyone, and welcome to the smattering of SEO news for the week ending July 12th. As the year chugs along, so does the SEO news, and we have a few fun tidbits for you today. Enjoy!

Google News:

  • Cutts: Your Site Won’t Be Delisted if Down for 24 Hours or Less – According to a recent video by Matt Cutts, if your site experiences a temporary outage that lasts less than twenty-four hours, your site’s listings in Google shouldn’t be impacted at all. If, however, your site is down for forty-eight hours or more, there’s a decent chance your site will be removed from the index, at least temporarily.AdBlock-Plus
  • Google Reportedly Paying AdBlock Plus to Have Their Ads Whitelisted – According to Australian news site Horizont, Google and other companies are paying AdBlock Plus and their parent company, Eyeo, to have their ads whitelisted so those using the extension will still see their ads. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Other News:

  • Facebook Launches Graph Search for All U.S. Users – After being in a closed beta for several months, Facebook recently announced they would be rolling out their Graph Search functionality to all U.S. users, and that users should see a privacy alert on their screens when logging into Facebook to make sure their privacy settings are up to snuff. As of right now, Graph Search is limited to friends’ profiles, photos, music, movies, etc. that your friends have liked, and results will only show items that have been properly shared, according to Facebook.
  • Moz Launches Meerkat Framework to Improve Open Site Explorer Freshness – Moz’s Open Site Explorer is an extensive link informational tool that shows not only link numbers, but numerical authority for each domain and individual page of a website. Its engine takes weeks to update, apparently, but now Moz has launched the Meerkat framework which will increase the update frequency to every couple of days. Ultimately, the goal is to update the data every few hours.
  • PPC Spending Accelerating Rapidly QoQ and YoY – According to Covario, PPC spending is accelerating at a fantastic rate. Overall PPC spending increases 22% from Q1 to Q2, and 23% from Q2, 2012 to Q2, 2013. Mobile PPC showed even more striking numbers, growing 39% from Q1 to Q2 and 132% year over year. All major platforms saw significant quarterly gains, including Google (16%), Baidu (27%), Yandex (10%) and Yahoo-Bing (4%).


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