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Helllloo my friends, and welcome to the last Smattering of SEO News for June and for this quarter! Wow! A lot happened over the past three months, huh? Heck, with Google I/O going on, it’s going to be all Google all the time in this week’s Smattering, so let’s dive in a take a look!

Google News:

  • Blocking JavaScript And CSS Can Cause Spidering And Ranking Problems – A few days ago, the Yoast site posted a blog entry in which theygoogle-panda-4-small-1400676510 noticed one of their sites was affected by Panda 4.0. They saw their results return to normal after removing code blocking JS and CSS from their site. The next day, Search Engine Roundtable posted a response from Google’s John Mueller saying that they recommend allowing all CSS and JS be allowed to be crawled in order to “recognize your site’s content and to give your site the credit that it deserves for that content”.
  • Google Domains Beta Announced: Register A Domain For $12 With Google – Google is launching a beta version of a new program called Google Domains, which allow users to register domains for $12 each. Some of the features of this new service include free private registration, up to 100 email aliases, up to 100 sub-domains, and apparently simple management tools. This seems like a natural fit for Google, and it’ll likely take off in a big way.


  • Search Query Analytics Dropped From Google My Business – Recently Google My Business was launched, attempting  to merge Google+, Google Maps,google-my-business-1403701244 and Google Places into one coherent business social solution. One of the features GMB boasted was showing queries in its analytics, basically giving business owners data about their top search queries. Well, as with Analytics, Google has removed that feature. Citing user privacy (again, like Analytics), Google has replaced the keyword list with a much more vague visibility graph, which isn’t anywhere near as useful.
  • Google Changes The Appearance Of Authorship In SERPs – A while back, Google began to tout the benefits of authorship, wherein linking your content to your Google+ profile put your photo and Google+ circles alongside the results for your content. Today Google announced that they’re removing both the large photo and the Google+ circle numbers from the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google News is sporting a revised version of authorship that shows a smaller picture than before. No word on how this will affect click-through rates or traffic as of yet.
  • YouTube Drops Inbox In Favor Of Google+ Messaging – If you produce content on YouTube like I do, you’ll likely have used your inbox more than once to receive and answer messages from viewers. Well, Google has decided to ditch this slightly confusing inbox for something they hope will be more streamlined and integrated: messaging based on Google+. If you have a lot of messages in your inbox, you can save them to a CSV file. This new messaging center will supposedly make it easier for viewers to contact channel owners, and will make it easier to keep track of conversations.



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