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Hello my friends, and welcome to A Smattering of SEO News! Lots of technical goodness today, from dealing with “not provided” data to massive, MASSIVE XML sitemaps. Check it out!

Google News:

  • Google Updates Guidelines For Site Moves – Google recently updated theirmoving-office-time-to-move-on-320x198 Webmaster Tools Help files with new guidelines on how to deal with a site migration, such as what to do when your domain and URLS will stay the same and what to do if they will change. Google goes into quite a bit of solid detail on how to properly let Google know what your new URLs will be, which should definitely help those looking to move to a new domain or CMS in the near future.
  • Google Says “Right to Be Forgotten” Won’t Come To Google.com – Google has recently clarified its newly-mandated “right to be forgotten” rules by saying that even if a URL was removed in the EU – whether it be Germany, France, or the United Kingdom – that URL won’t be removed in the US. Google also said it will fully disclose whether results have been removed on search engines results pages, similar to how it discloses DMCA removals in the US version of Google.


  • Google To Add “Google My Business” To Integrate Business Info Across Services – Google is launching a new service called “Google My Business” which aims to streamline dealing with business listings and communication across multiple Google services such as Google+ and Google Maps. This hopes to help business owners “find their people” by making it easier to connect and interact with customers across services. Soon, Places and Google+ Pages will automatically upgrade to this new system, so keep an eye out for it.
  • Mobile Users Should Go To Their Desired Mobile Page, According To Google – Google recently updated its Webmaster Central Blog to inform users about new guidelines to fix a problem called “faulty redirects.” An example of this issue is when a user searches for something on their phone or tablet, finds a desired result that goes to an internal page on a website, but is redirected to that site’s mobile homepage upon clicking. Obviously, this isn’t what the users wanted. Google will now take this into account when assessing the value of your website, so you can use Webmaster Tools to make sure your redirects are up to snuff.


Other News

  • Two Companies Unveil “Not Provided” Data Visibility Solutions – Recently Moz and startup Keylime Toolbox announced they have new tools that will help subscribers parse out hidden “not provided” data and make it visible and usable. The two companies have slightly different solutions for how they’ll handle this. Keylime uses Webmaster Tools integration while Moz uses Analytics data to provide a “best guess” as to the keywords hiding in “not provided” data. It will be interesting to see if either of these work, because if they do, they’ll definitely be filling a big need in the industry.
  • Bing Can Import An XML Sitemap With 125 Trillion Links – Bing has posted anew-bing-logo-1379423604 Sitemaps Best Practices blog saying that for large sites, they can handle an XML sitemap of up to 125 trillion links and over 100 gigabytes in size. I’m not aware of any sites that large. Even Amazon has only 82,100,000 results in Bing. Still, that’s likely good news for people with overly-large sites who still want to submit a proper XML sitemap.



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