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Helloooo everyone, and happy Monday! Welcome to A Smattering of SEO News for the week ending on June 7th! Not a lot of news in the last week, but what news there was definitely enlightened and informed. Let’s get to it!

Google News:

  • Google Wants to Focus “Less on Strings, More on Things” – In a recent video by Matt Cutts, he was asked a question about the continued use of rel=”author” and whether or not it would be expanded. While he says he sees a place for the anonymous web, he believes that having a web with more identity and annotation helps further take care of web spam, and having more identity on the web can improve the search experience. This goes along with comments made by Erik Schmidt earlier this year in which he said content from verified authors will likely rank more highly than content from unverified or anonymous authors.matt-cutts-misconceptions-video
  • Cutts Denies Panda and Penguin Created to Increase Google Revenue – In another video, Matt Cutts said that their primary concern with updates like Panda and Penguin is the long-term loyalty and happiness of their users so they will return to Google, rather than short-term revenue increases. He also mentions that SEO folks shouldn’t focus too much on building links, but should focus on creating a compelling site with great content and focus on multiple methods of marketing.
  • Possible Google Update Underway – Many webmasters are reporting significant changes in their site positions across the SERPs, and tools like MozCast, SERPs.com and SERPmetrics are showing a large amount of volatility across the SERPs, indicating another algorithm update or data refresh might be underway.
  • Google Movie Searches Might Predict Box Office Revenue – In a recent study entitled, “Quantifying Movie Magic with Google Search”, Google analyzed ninety-nine films released over 2012. This study showed a strong correlation between search volume and a movie’s take at the box office. By looking at query volume, ad click volume, theater count and “franchise status”, Google found that its results could predict the sales of a movie with 92% accuracy. Google also said that movie-based search was up 56% from 2011 to 2012.

Other News:

  • Yahoo Launches Redesigned Search Results – Yahoo recently launched its redesigned search results page. It’s removed the tabs at the top and moved different types of searches to the sidebar, moving the results themselves further up the page. Overall it makes for a nice, clean, simple design.

See you again next week!


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