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Wow, what a week it’s been for search engine optimization! Two Google updates alone are pretty newsworthy, but recent news out of the EU also is going to change people’s relationship with Google completely. It’s interesting stuff, so let’s dive in.


Google News:

  • Panda 4.0 And Spam 2.0 Launched Nearly ConcurrentlyRemember last weekgoogle-panda-generic-featured-300x142 when I reported that Google claimed no updates were going on despite volatility in the search engines? Well surprise surprise, we weren’t just hit with one, but two major updates this past week. First, Google announced that Panda 4.0 recently launched, impacting around 7.5% of searches (which is much larger than the usual numbers given) and laying the groundwork for even more changes in the future. Then, Google also launched version 2.0 of their spam algorithm over the weekend, which is also known as the Payday Loan Algorithm. This algorithm targets heavily spammy queries such as payday loan, viagra and others that spammers typically target, but this update apparently only affects 0.2% of searches. This means we’ll likely see even more volatility in the SERPS in the coming weeks as this all evens out. Stay tuned!
  • Google’s Search Market Share Approaches 68% – According to the April numbers released by comScore, Google has tied their own record of a 67.6% market share that they set back in January, which is up from the 67.5% they had in March. Bing was a far and distant second with 18.7%.
  • PageSpeed Insights Adds Several Mobile Usability Recommendations – The PageSpeed Insights tool has added several new usability recommendations to its results. This includes looking for a specified meta-viewport tag, proper tap targets, and avoidance of plugins such as Flash.
  • Europeans Can Now Ask Google to Remove Or “Forget” Negative Results – Asgoogle-eraser-320x198 part of a new EU ruling, Google must now remove search results that may show people or companies in a negative light when requested. So far over 1,000 people have asked to have their results removed, including criminals such as a convicted pedophile and doctors who received negative reviews. We’re not sure exactly how Google will remove the “offending” links, or if they’ll be fully removed at all, but it will be interesting to see how these takedown effects are handled.
  • Sources: YouTube To Buy Twitch.tv For $1 Billion – In a possible move that definitely left the video gamer in me confused, reports are surfacing that YouTube is planning to buy video game streaming service Twitch.tv for around $1 billion. Twitch.tv has a fairly different style of community and feel than YouTube does, so it will be interesting to see – if the deal actually happens – how the services will merge. Personally, I’d prefer if they were left separate since they do somewhat different things.

Other News

  • Yahoo’s Market Share Could Drop To Single Digits – Above you see a story aboutgoogle-bing-yahoo-2 Google’s small rise in market share, along with Bing’s second place numbers. Well, it seems as if Bing’s slight rise of 0.1% was at a cost of Yahoo’s loss of the same amount, putting them at an exact 10% of the search market share according to comScore. Any further losses could see Yahoo sinking to its lowest level since comScore began tracking market share.


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