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Hey folks, welcome to another installment of the Smattering of SEO News! This week we have some fun stuff, so let’s get to it!



Google News:

  • Despite Recently Reported Volatility, No Update Has Occurred – Severalgoogle-algorithm-search-featured-300x142 webmasters, as well as SERP volatility monitoring websites such as MozCast and SERPS, noticed that there was some volatility in the SERPS earlier this month, around May 2nd and 7th. However, when contacted for more information, Google said they had no algorithm update going on, leaving many to wonder…what IS going on? We’ll bring you more as we find it…if there is anything, of course.
  • Knowledge Graph Moving Into Maps – Google recently confirmed that its popular knowledge graph functionality will be moving into Maps as well. Once rolled out, certain locations on the map will now have “Quick Facts” with more information at the specific address you are searching. It’s unclear if businesses will be able to take part in this new feature, but it’s neat nonetheless.


  • Content Groupings Added To Behavior Flows In Analytics – Google has added content grouping functionality to behavior flows in Analytics, so now you can visualize how a user navigated through your site and where they dropped off. This should help you determine which content is more popular and engaging to users, and create new content accordingly.
  • Study: New Parents Do More Than Twice As Many Searches As Non-Parents – In a bit of interesting, though thoroughly unsurprising news, a study from Google Think Insights reported that new parents do almost three times as many searches on Google than non-parents, and a small majority of those searches are on mobile devices. Video search also increased, as YouTube saw an over 300% rise in parenting-related video viewership.

Other News

  • Facebook Adds Audience Insights Tool To Peek Into Customer’s Lives – Facebook added what looks to be a both scary and fascinating tool that allowsfacebook-audience-insights advertisers to access a wealth of information about consumers. Advertisers will now have access to information like what companies or TV shows consumers like, as well as what kind of person they are (the demo sampling included “working-class moms” and “fashionistas”). The tool isn’t live yet, but once it is, you can be guaranteed more focused and targeted ads on Facebook. Heck, that might be a good thing.
  • Twitter Introduces Integrated Mute Button – Tired of that one friend who liveblogs that show you love but is three hours ahead so they SPOIL THE WHOLE DANG THING? While third party Twitter apps have had muting functionality for a while, Twitter is now going to be adding a mute option to their own apps and the website in the near future. The muting can be turned on and off at will, and the person you’re muting will never know they’ve been muted, so it’s a win-win during those specific time slots when you don’t want to read every Tweet about your favorite character on that show you love, but don’t want to tick your friend off by unfollowing them.



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