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Hello, and welcome to the Smattering of SEO News for the week of April 22nd! Not as much news this week as last, but all of it’s interesting! Let’s dive in!

Google News:

  • Google Removed Related Searches Due to Low Usage – Many news sites reported that Google has apparently removed its “Related Searches” functionality from its search-type drop down on the results pages. When reached for comment on the removal, Google said the feature just wasn’t seeing enough usage to keep it on the toolbar.
  • Google Fined €145,000 in German Street View Case – A German data protection authority has slapped Google with a fine of €145,000 for collecting data over WiFi networks, and Google has accepted the fine. Google said it never used the data it collected and didn’t want it in the first place.
  • Google Penalizes Mozilla.org Over User-Generated Spam – Google penalized Mozilla.org, citing one blog page had over 21,100 spam comments, or about twelve megabytes of spam. No word on if the penalty has been lifted at this time.
  • Google Introduces “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” Analytics Report – Google has launched a new benchmarking tool that shows the various elements that impact an eCommerce campaign. This data is taken from 36,000 advertisers across eleven industries in seven countries, and allows users to see how purchase paths and times differ across different industries.

Bing News:


  • Bing Business Portal Launched as Bing Places for Business – Bing has both relaunched and rebranded its business listing tool, which Bing says is their first step toward an “effort to provide you with all the tools you need to easily and quickly find local customers online. Some tools from Business Portal have actually been removed as well, such as creating deals or printing QR codes.
  • Bing Claims That More than 50% of Users Click First Link – According to a study by Bing’s R&D team, over 50% of Bing users click on the first link, while only four to 6%click the third link and only 1% clicked the eighth link. The number went up to 75% if the first link also included deep links, or sitelinks.

In other SEO news…

  • Samuru Search Engine Launched, Created by SEO – According to Search Engine Roundtable, SEO Brandon Wirtz has created a search engine called Samuru that “analyzes pages and matches what you queried to the types of pages and picks the best matches”, rather than using any kind of link authority like Google. This supposedly helps the user find results based on actual content rather than votes from links. In testing, results seemed pretty decent, actually.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


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