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Hey folks, happy after-taxes day! I hope the tax season was easy and rewarding for you all, and that you got huge refunds! With that said, we’ve got some great SEO tidbits this week, so let’s dive in and help you forget about tax season that much faster!



Google News:

  • Several States Threaten Legal Action if “Illegal” Sites Aren’t Delisted from Google – The attorneys general in over twenty states are threatening legal actiongoogle-legal-action against Google if the search engine doesn’t remove videos and ads promoting illegal products, such as those selling fake prescription drugs. While Google has hired over 100 people to flag these “rogue ads and videos,” that isn’t enough to satisfy the AGs apparently. We’ll keep you apprised as this situation develops.
  • Google Analytics To Diagnose Own Tracking Code – Google is rolling out a beta test version of new feature of Analytics in which you will now be alerted to problems with your website’s Google Analytics tracking code. This will now alert you to pages that are missing the tracking code, missing data, and data discrepancies. While this is slowly being rolled out to a specific group of testers before going out to everyone, you can apply to help with the beta test if you want to try this out.
  • Google Describes How It Handles 404 And 410 Error Codes – While the 404 error header code is fairly well known (this code tells spiders and browsers that this page is an error and doesn’t exist), the 410 error code (which tells spiders and browsers the page ismatt-cutts-video permanently gone) is much less prolific, and yet the two can be seen as very similar to each other. In a recent video from Matt Cutts, he said they sometimes treat the two codes a little different. If Google’s bot sees a new 404, they’ll put that into a protective queue for 24 hours in case it’s a “transient” or temporary error, and if they return and still see a 404, it will then be classified as an error. However, if a webmaster sets a page as a 410 – which pretty much has to be done manually – then no protection will be used and the page will be reported as an error. For the most part, however, Cutts says you don’t need to worry about setting pages as 410, as 404s typically get the job done.
  • Informal Poll: Only 13% Of Respondents Say Disavow Tool Works – In angoogle-disavow-machete-1395835709 informal poll done by Search Engine Roundtable involving nearly 700 people, only 13% of respondents said that the Disavow tool helped them regain rankings or remove penalties. On the flip side, 50% said the tool didn’t work for them and 37% said they weren’t sure. I’m guessing the people who said no just haven’t had their cases dealt with yet? It’s hard to say, but these are interesting results nonetheless.

Other News

  • Yahoo’s Market Share Falls Close To Single Digits – Between February andyahoo-search-app March, Yahoo’s market share dropped from 10.3% to 10.1%. On the flip side, Microsoft’s share went up the same amount, from 18.4% to 18.6%. If this trend continues, Yahoo’s market share will dip below 10% soon and be in the single digits, which…I don’t even remember the last time that happened.
  • Facebook Graph Search Has A Five Year Plan With Milestones – In a recent interview, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg discussed how Facebook is taking a very long-term approach to its relatively new Graph Search capabilities. Knowing it would be a five-year investment before they got a really solid product, they set up milestones. The first of which was “search over structured connections”, which means search for data relevant to your friends and the like. The next milestone will involve searching posts, a daunting task that I personally can’t wait to see come to fruition. These enhancements will come to both mobile and desktop, while the big push is mobile, apparently, which makes sense as a lot of people access Facebook via mobile devices.


That’s it for this week! Be sure to stop by next time for more SEO news!


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