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Hello folks, and happy Wednesday! I hope you’re ready for another round of piping hot SEO news, because I’ve brought it right out of the oven. Enjoy!



Google News:

  • Cutts: Focus On Clarity Of Content Rather Than Technicalities – In a recent webmaster video, Matt Cutts answered a question regarding whether someone’s content should be more technical or more approachable. Cutts said it’s always best to focus on clarity in your content, so as to make it as approachable and readable as possible for the widest possible audience. This will help keep users engaged in your site. You can also offer more technical resources to supplement this content if you choose, but make sure your main focus is clarity and readability above all else. Makes sense to me.
  • Google Gives Details On How They Identify Paid Links – Google recently releasedgoogle-war-links-featured-300x142 a nearly eight minute video, again with Matt Cutts, detailing how the web spam team determines whether a link is a paid link or not. There are basically five over all things they look for. The first and easiest to spot is whether there is an explicit link sale, which is the easiest to spot. They then look at more subtle factors, such as whether a link seems to have been exchanged for something highly valuable, or whether a link was exchanged for something that was a gift or a loan. It’s pretty fascinating, so check out the video to learn about all five ways, as it goes into quite a bit of detail.
  • Were Movie Sites Penalized By Google For Video Copyright Infringement? – Search Engine Watch has an article covering a study by Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive, in which he set out to discover the reasons why certain movie sites had severe traffic drops around the middle of February. His study pointed to embedded videos which represented problematic copyright issues, which have been becoming a larger and larger problem on YouTube and other sites such as Yahoo Video. These sites had their traffic restored which apparently coincided with many videos being removed, adding credence to the theory. You can read the findings in their entirety at the G-Squared website.
  • Voice Search Feature “OK Google” Now Enabled On Desktops Via Chrome – Google is now rolling out its voice search features to desktops via a built-ingoogle-hot-wording Chrome extension. When you enable this extension by visiting Google and giving it permission to use your webcam or microphone for voice commands, the plugin will listen for the user to say “OK Google,” in which it will prompt the user for a question. This natural voice search has been enabled on Android devices for a little while now, and I’ve used it often on my Nexus 5, where it works brilliantly. Whether this will bring about more voice searching to the desktop remains to be seen.

Other News

  • Bing Launches Web Search On Xbox One – Several months after the launch of the Xbox One, Bing has finally implemented its web search functionality into the system, which includes voice search similar to “OK Google” noted above. Now along with product-specific searches, web results will now also be available to Xbox One owners.
  • Twitter Shares Impressions Metrics For First Time After Oscars – Oscar night wastwitter-tv-250px a big night for Twitter, as it had its biggest retweeted tweet ever – Ellen’s multi-celebrity-infused selfie – with over three million retweets alone. Twitter is moving beyond tweet reporting now, however, and reporting impressions, or as it describes, “how many times tweets are displayed to users”. This therefore includes people with Twitter accounts who don’t post anything, but still look at the Twitter stream. Using this metric, Ellen’s tweet was seen nearly thirty-three million times. These numbers also don’t include third-party apps, only the official Twitter site and app, so it could be a much larger figure. This raises the stakes in the social media space for even more transparency, and it will be interesting to see how, or if, Facebook responds.

That’s it for this week! Please check in next Wednesday for even more SEO news!


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