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A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short! Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s Smattering of SEO News. Sorry for the late entry, I completely lost track of which day it was yesterday, which can happen when one is super busy with SEO awesomeness. The news never stops though, so without further delay, here’s the big news from the last week. Enjoy!



Google News:

  • A Cornucopia of Cutts: Because there was a ton of Matt Cutts-related news out of SMX West and beyond last week (and I love a chance at some alliteration), I’m doing a quick summation of all the Cuttlery, which includes:
    • Cutts Would Give A Ranking Boost To SSL Enabled Sites If He Could – Atgoogle-ssl-algorithm SMX West, when pressed on the issue, Cutts said that an important trend in 2014 was to make one’s site SSL enabled. When asked if Google said this would give SSL enabled sites a ranking boost, he said that if it were up to him, it would, but there are others at Google who don’t want it to happen.
    • A “Softer” Panda Update In The Works – Also at SMX West, Cutts said thatpanda-poll a “next generation” update to Panda was on the way that would “soften” the algorithm. This is specifically aimed to help small businesses that have been adversely affected by the algorithm.
    • Mobile Websites Only Affect Mobile Rankings – At SMX West, Cutts apparently said something along the lines that mobile sites would affect a site’s rankings. When Barry Schwartz tweeted about it, Cutts replied “For the most part, mobile should only affect mobile ranking.” Certainly the words “should” and “most part” leave a lot of wiggle room for further changes in the future.
    • Multiple Breadcrumbs On One Page Okay, But One Trail Encouraged – In a recent Webmaster video, Cutts answered the question on whether it was okay to have multiple breadcrumbs on a page if a product was in multiple categories. While Google apparently encourages only one breadcrumb, having multiple sets can help give Google a better sense of a site’s hierarchy if one does choose to use it.
    • Cutts Details How To Deal With Inactive Products – Ecommerce sites have products come in and out of their inventories all the time, so in answering a question on how to deal with inactive products, Cutts explained that inactive products that are removed from a site’s inventory should be replaced with the site’s 404 page. However, if the item is merely out of stock and might return, Cutts suggest to keep the page active but clearly display that the product is temporarily out of stock.
  • Google Penalizes Guest Blog Service MyBlogGuest – Matt Cutts announced that Google has penalized MyBlogGuest for, apparently, not changing their links to NoFollow links, even after Cutts wrote a blog post suggesting guest blog networks do so a little while back. Site owner Ann Smarty says they’re big enough to be used as an example by the search engine in order to show other networks that guest blogging shouldn’t be abused.


Other News

  • Twitter Releases Results Of Engagement Study – Twitter studied over two million tweets to see which tweets received the most engagement, and the results are interesting. First off, if your tweet has a picture, it could see up to a thirty-five percent boost in retweets. Videos gave tweets a twenty-eight percent boost while quotes from TV shows would get a nineteen percent retweet. They also released information on the types of tweets and how they got retweeted, such as a photo relating to news getting a twenty-seven percent boost, or a photo relating to government or politics getting a sixty-two percent boost. While we knew photos were the most shared pieces of content on the Internet, this more granular data is pretty fascinating.

That’s it for this week; come back in another seven days to see what else I can glean from the Internet!



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