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Hello folks, and happy December! November was a darned busy month for SEO news, and December is looking like it won’t be letting up: we’re already dealing with a continued Penguin rollout from Google, and more! Check it out!


Google News:

  • Google Says Penguin 3.0 Still Rolling Out (And May Continue To Do So Indefinitely) – Google recently confirmed with Search Engine Land that Penguin 3.0 is still rollinggoogle-penguin2 out, and that recent fluctuations on Thanksgiving and this week are both related to the ongoing rollout. Further, John Mueller said in a recent Hangout that not only is the team being very cautious about this particular rollout, but they’re hoping “things will keep updating,” potentially indicating an ever-present ongoing rollout. That could make things VERY interesting for us SEO folks who are trying to keep up. More on this as we get it, surely.
  • Local Pages Quality Guidelines Updated – If you’re a local business and you don’t run a Google Local page, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. If you ARE running Google Local pages, you might want to take a look at their updated quality guidelines. These new guidelines specifically prohibit both descriptors as well as broad category usage, require consistent business name usage, and disallow virtual offices unless they’re staffed. Hopefully this will make things a bit clearer and easier for folks running these pages to grok.
  • Google Recommends Paginating Infinitely Scrolling Pages For Proper Indexation – In infinite-scrollinga Hangout with Google’s John Mueller, he was asked if Google will always index page content on infinitely scrolling pages regardless of the length or size of the pages. Mueller responded by saying that even if you have infinitely scrolling pages – which is not a bad thing for usability – you should still have some sort of pagination, either through page categories or numbers. Mueller also said he thinks 50MB is the limit per page, but wasn’t 100% sure on that.
  • YouTube States 300 Hours Of Video Uploaded Each Minute – Not specifically SEO related but fascinating nonetheless: a site called ReelSEO says they have it on good authority that YouTube is now gaining 300 hours of video each minute. That’s an amazing number, and it’s only likely to get bigger as more and more people use the service. I know I upload at least a couple of hours of video each week, and I’m just one person. Multiply that by millions and the numbers totally make sense.

Other News:

  • Yahoo: Ebola Tops Most Searched Terms Of 2014 – According to a recent report from Yahoo, Ebola was the number one search term in their engine for the entirety of 2014, followed by searches on Minecraft, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence. Most of the terms were celebrity related, so it’s interesting to see Ebola at the top of the list. Interestingly, in Bing’s list of top news searches, Ebola clocked in at number eight, while the world cup held the top spot.


  • EU Issues Formal “Right To Be Forgotten” Guidelines – Months after coming up with the new “right to be forgotten” rules for Google, the EU has finally come up with clear criteria on the law. These criteria ask a series of questions, such as whether the data surrounding the request is accurate, whether it’s relating to a criminal offense, or whether it can put the subject at risk. These rules came out just in time too, as now apparently both Bing and Yahoo are following suit and have begun taking requests as well.


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