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Hello my friends, and happy Thursday! January just keeps trucking along, but SEO news is at a fast and furious clip (there’s a lot to look at this week). Let’s dive in, shall we?


Google News:

Google Begins To Send Warnings Regarding Poor Rankings For Non-Mobile Sites – Google seems to be going out of their way to make sure sites become more mobile-friendly. Recently they added a “mobile-friendly” label to sites in the SERPS and now we hear that they’re sending out Webmaster Tools messages when they determine that a site isn’t mobile-friendly. The messages include which pages and sites are problematic, along with how to fix them. Personally, I think this is awesome, and am glad Google is being so proactive about more sites becoming mobile-friendly.



Google Updates Its Structured Data Tools And Documentation – It’s been a while since Google did any updates to either its Structured Data Tool or its Documentation, but in the past week it’s updated both. Now the tool supports JSON-LD syntax for dynamic HTML pages, more comprehensive validation, problematic syntax highlighting, and more.

sdtt copy


Report: Google Still Serves 3 Billion Searches Per Day, Over 1 Trillion Per Year – According to a report from Medium’s Backchannel column, an interesting statistic revealed that Google handles around 3 billion searches per day, or over 1 trillion searches per year. The interesting thing is that these numbers were released back in 2012, but in this new article, use of the word “over” denotes growth, but Google won’t say how much. Tricksy devils, they are.


Google Reports It’s Addressed Odd AdSense Spam – Earlier this month, advertisers found that their AdSense ads were being redirected to spammy sites, even with the use of ad blocker software to try and diagnose the issue. It took Google a couple of weeks, but they were able to find these Flash-based redirects and kill ’em, which is awesome. It’s kind of fascinating that it could be done in the first place though, even with ad blockers.



Google: We Ignore Everything On 404/410 Pages – Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that if their crawler hits a 404 or 410 page, they’re ignoring everything on it. Therefore, there’s no link equity benefit from them. Mueller said to “make them work for your users,” which is something we always advocate, as a good 404 error page can seriously increase a site’s user experience.


Other News:

Search Engines Overtake Traditional Media As Most Trusted News Source – According to data from the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer survey, “Online Search Engines” – which Search Engine Land sees as “Google” – have overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source for news. In 2014, 65% of respondents valued traditional media more, versus 63% for search engines. In 2015, the numbers have flipped a bit, with search engines getting 64% of the vote, while traditional media received 62%. The last couple of years have seen gains in trust for social media as well, rising to 48% this year over 45% last year.



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