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Hello my friends, happy new year and welcome back to our weekly Smattering of SEO News after our holiday break! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season filled with joy! We’re here for SEO news, however, so let’s dive into some of the latest happenings!


Google News:

  • French Commission Fines Google Maximum Amount Over Privacy Concerns – The French National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties,google-privacy-200 or CNIL, has ordered Google to pay a fine of roughly $203,000, and mandated a public message stating the search engine doesn’t comply with French law, as a result of its dispute with the search engine over its “unified” privacy policy. The commission doesn’t feel Google properly informs its users on how their personal data is used, and doesn’t like how the search engine combines all of the data it collects from its users across all networks “without any legal basis”. Google is trying to determine what its next steps are, according to a public statement.
  • Google Teams With Automakers To Launch Open Automotive Alliance – Google has partnered with Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to bring better Android and Google search integration to automobiles. Eventually this should lead to fully integrated and customized Android devices built into these cars, and some are saying this will have a massive impact on Google’s already burgeoning growth into local search, as cars integrated with Google Now and other Google search functionalities will have easier access to Google Local data than ever before.


  • Google Makes Daily Search Changes – In a recent video explaining Google’s “How Search Works” page, Matt Cutts explained that in 2013, Google made 665 algorithm changes to Google’s search functionality, which averages to about two changes per day. These changes include new updates being rolled out and new data being deployed.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows More Detailed Search Data – Google has improved Webmaster Tools by showing much more detailed search query data. Whereas before this change, the data would be showed rounded up to the nearest thousand or million, now you can see individual clicks and impressions for each day for the last three months or so. This should help replace some of the data lost from Google Analytics. Users can now also filter search queries from mobile devices as well, to get a better idea of how much impact mobile search has on their overall search traffic.
  • Possible Google Update Occurring? – According to webmasters on Webmaster World as well as trending tool Algoroo (at the time of this writing), Google search results are showing increased volatility, indicating a possible post-holiday algorithm update is underway.

Other News:

  • Social Q&A Engine Jelly Launched By Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone – Stone just launched his new endeavor, Jelly, to iOS and Android. Jelly is an image-based Q&A search engine in which users submit a question along with a photo, and people in their social networks submit answers. The app connects with Facebook and Twitter only at the moment, and there aren’t many questions to answer, at least on my end. Submitting a question was easy enough, either by taking a shot with one’s camera or submitting a photo from your gallery. I submitted a question and had one answer within twenty minutes, which should likely increase as more people use the service. It definitely has potential.

  • European Yahoo Users Infected With Malware Via Malicious Ads – Between December 31st and January 3rd, Yahoo announced that thousands ofsecurity-yahoo users who visited the European versions of Yahoo’s sites were infected with a “Magnitude” exploit kit that attacks vulnerabilities in the Java platform. These ads were delivered by sneaky “Malvertisements” injected into the ads on ads.yahoo.com. The exploit kit left users open to a wide variety of infections such as trojan viruses, other forms of malware and more. There’s no word on whether the ads were present even earlier, however, which researchers said might be possible.

That’s it for this week’s Smattering, be sure to stop by next Monday for more updates & SEO news!


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