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Howdy folks, and welcome to another Smattering! We’ve got some mobile-friendly news for y’all this week, as well as some interesting tidbits from Twitter. Check it out!


Google News:

  • Conjecture: Google Not Indexing Expandable Content – Webmasters and sitegoogle-slows-robots owners over on Webmaster World are reporting that content they’ve had under a “Read More” tab using an “onload” event is no longer being indexed. This type of accordion scripting is a popular way to add visible content to a page while still keeping the page sculpted. If Google is indeed no longer indexing these pieces of content, we’ll have to rethink how we place content on a page visibly. We’ll keep you informed if anything becomes more concrete here.
  • Google Launches Super Simple Mobile-Friendly Test – As mobile becomes more and more important in terms of site rankings and value, it’s dang important to know whether your site is as mobile-friendly as possible. To that end, Google has launched a really simple tool that will tell you that your site is awesome and mobile-ready, or it isn’t. While the tool doesn’t give a ton of detail besides what’s blocked or unreachable, it’s a good place to start if you’re trying to diagnose your own mobile site.
  • “Mobile-Friendly” Labels Launched In SERPs – Google has, after some testing, mobile-friendlylaunched some minor yet important new functionalities to result pages: tags that label a site as “Mobile-friendly.” Google assigns these labels on their own, but to be assured your site qualifies, it has to avoid problematic mobile software like Flash, use readable text that doesn’t need to be zoomed, and size the screen to horizontal scrolling accordingly (just to name a few). It’ll be interesting to see what further steps Google takes to become even more mobile-conscious and friendly.
  • French Court Apparently Wants “Right To Be Forgotten” Expanded Worldwide – You might recall several months ago when a European court allowed people to ask Google to remove specific results that mentioned them. This is what’s known as the “right to be forgotten.” While the decision only applies to certain countries in the European Union, a French court recently fined Google for not removing a requested result from their global index. Google has yet to respond to the fine at the time of this ruling, but if they do respond, it’ll set a dangerous precedent, to be sure.


Other News:

  • Twitter Search Soon Capable Of Searching All Public Tweets – Twitter recently announced a massive upgrade to their search functionality. Once the change is fully rolled out, users will able to search through all of the public tweets Twitter has in their database. All of them. That’s hundreds of billions of tweets, all searchable. This is going to be fascinating, as previously Twitter’s search functionality was very limited.


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