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Hello my friends, and happy Monday! Welcome to another Smattering of SEO News, wherein we’ll take a quick look at the big news in search engine optimization from the previous week. Last week was a light week in terms of news, but it was still pretty interesting stuff, so let’s dive in!


Google News:

  • Cutts: Leave Blog Comments with Your Own Name, but Don’t Overdo It – In a recent video with Matt Cutts, he suggested that, if part of your link building program is to leave blog comments, that those link comments should be left using your real name. However, if you start stuffing blog posts with comments regardless of whether you use your name, or posting on a wide variety of blogs, that could be considered a manipulative link scheme.
  • Google: Since 2010, Government Information Requests Increased Over 100% – In Google’s latest transparency report, they claim that since they began running these reports in 2010, requests for information from the government has increased over 100% (12,539 in 2010 vs. 25,879 in 2013 so far). This year alone, between January and June, there were nearly 11,000 requests for information from the U.S. Government, which made up over 80% of the total worldwide requests. However, they could not state how many Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requests they’d received due to laws enacted by the U.S. Department of Justice.


Other News:

  • Yahoo to Sell Over 100 Unused Domains – Yahoo has begun a week-long auction called “Domainapalooza,” going from 11/14-11/21, to allow users to bid on domains it no longer has use for. These include domains like sandwich.com, crackers.com, jockeys.com, blogsport.com, among others. Domains have a reserve price and most of those start at $1,000, but several will likely go much higher. You can see a list of the domains currently available at Sedo.

  • Twitter Launches Custom Timelines, Enhanced Mobile Targeting – Twitter has launched some new features that can give publishers even more control over their campaigns. First, users can now create custom timelines through Tweetdeck and then share those timelines with others, allowing granular control over a specific timeline’s coverage of just about anything. They’ve also launched enhanced mobile ad targeting that can now segment audiences by mobile operating system, device type, and even whether they’re on WiFi or not.

That’s it for this week, be sure to join us next Monday for another week of SEO News!



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