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Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Smattering of SEO News. It’s been a slow news week, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it, but news is news, so let’s dive in and take a look at the latest happenings in SEO…


Google News:igoogle-tombstone-1383307840

  • iGoogle Officially Closed as of November 1st – As it had been warning for months now, Google has unceremoniously shut down the popular custom homepage portal, iGoogle, on Friday, 11/1/13. I know many who are saddened by this loss, and most are still looking for alternatives.
  • YouTube Comment System Fully Linked to Google+ Causes Problems – Google recently reported that Google+ would be required to leave comments on YouTube. What they didn’t mention is that previously unlinked YouTube accounts must be linked to Google+ accounts in order to leave comments, which is causing major problems for many people (including myself). Much of the issues surround the process of linking to the wrong G+ account, which can lead to a user’s videos being deleted entirely. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  • Google Might Fall Under a “Watchdog” in Europe as Part of Settlement – It’s being reported that, as part of a settlement with the European Union, Google might be subject to the oversight of a “watchdog” that would monitor and verify Google’s compliance with the terms of the settlement. The position would be paid by Google, but oddly enough, the person in this role would be required to not have “any other links” to Google. Besides a paycheck, of course.


Other News:

  • Twitter Stock Trading Opens at $26 a Share – Late Wednesday, 11/6/13, Twitter stock began to be traded at $26 a share, but ended the day at $44.90, which is a 73% jump over its initial price. The company is now valued at around $30 billion, and will fall under the scrutiny of investors and analysts as they find ways to actually turn a profit.
  • Facebook Introduces New Like and Share Buttons – You know it’s a slow news week when several news outlets report on what is essentially a minor change to a major brand. Facebook announced redesigned “Like” and “Share” buttons that are more bold in coloring and design, and will also be more prominently placed below and to the side of headlines. Facebook announced in testing that this is already leading to more likes and shares, and that the new buttons will be rolled out soon.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Smattering, hope to see you again next week!


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