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Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news! This last week had some real doozies, so let’s waste no time diving in!


Google News:

  • Google Launches Penguin 2.1 – Late last week, Matt Cutts Tweeted that the fifth update to Google’s Penguin algorithm, called Penguin 2.1, is now live. According to the Tweet, this will affect around 1% of searches. The “.1” denotes a minor update, and while we’re still trying to learn more about this update, it’s hoped that sites which stick to SEO best practices and have high quality content will come through this new update at the very least unscathed. We’ll bring you more details as they come in.


  • Cutts: No More PageRank Updates in 2013 – I remember back when Google would update their PR numbers three to four times a year. However, in recent years, Google has supported PageRank less and less, dropping it from Firefox’s Google Toolbar and never adding it to Chrome. As a result, it makes sense that PR updates would happen less frequently as well. In answer to a question on Twitter, Google’s Matt Cutts said he would be surprised if there was another PR update this year. The last update was back in February, meaning 2013 will have only one PR update. Does this mean PageRank is finally dead? We can’t know for sure, but it certainly has been waning in the eyes of the giant search engine.
  • Google Analytics Gets Over One Dozen New Features – Last week, Google held its Google Analytics Summit, and during the Summit they announced several new features for Google Analytics. This includes demographic data, auto even tracking for tags, a new acquisition report and much more. Google’s Analytics Blog has even more information, however, some of the new features are only available in premium accounts.
  • Google Adds Authorship to Image Search – In an odd turn of events, Google has now added authorship for images in Google image search. However, according to sources, it’s not working quite right, as some of the images seem to attribute the author of the story in which they’re embedded, rather than the noted photographer or other source. While authorship makes perfect sense for textual stories, it’ll be interesting to see how useful it might be for images.
  • Mueller: Google Doesn’t Use Authorship for Ranking – In a recent Google Hangout, Google Analyst John Mueller let it spill that Google doesn’t use authorship for ranking purposes. Specifically when asked, he said “We don’t use it for ranking, at the moment.” At the moment, huh? This is interesting because previous reports pointed to Google indeed using authorship as a ranking factor. This definitely feels like a story that is still in the midst of developing…

Other News:

  • Yandex Announced Atom Personalization Technology Concept – Russian search engine Yandex recently announced its Atom concept: this technology would allow users to get personalized search results wherein any web resource could be personalized for the specific user utilizing the Atom API and a user’s search history. For example, if a user searches for deals on travel, the resulting website could tap into the Atom API and, by having access to the user’s search history, personalize its results for that specific user. If users are concerned about privacy, they’ll be able to turn the feature off, thankfully.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for stopping by, come back next Monday for your SEO updates!



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