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Hello everyone, and welcome to this weeks smattering of SEO news! Last week was light in terms of SEO news, but some interesting stuff happened since, so let’s dive in, shall we?


Google News:

  • PageRank Pipeline Broken, Google Not Planning a Fix – Matt Cutts said we likely wouldn’t get another PR update for the rest of the year, and google-toolbar-pagerankwe recently found out why. Cutts recently explained that the “pipeline” to send PR updates to the Google Toolbar (and other tools which show PR) is broken, and isn’t likely to get a fix since no one is actively working on it. This continues Google’s trend away from visible PR even though they’ve admitted they know people still find it useful.
  • Google Testing Replacing URL with Site Name in Search Results – Recently, the folks at Google Operating System noticed that, rather than Google showing the URL of the specific search result, Google has been experimenting with showing the site name instead. Google tested this in 2011 as well but it hasn’t been seen since until these recent tests. One wonders if this is a lead away from the importance of the URL and toward the importance of the brand name. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • YouTube to Launch Subscription Music Service Later This Year – Reports are coming in that YouTube will launch a video-based music subscription service later youtube-new-logothis year. Said to be “akin to a Spotify, but with video,” it’s not yet known how much the service will cost or what the particulars of the subscription will be. As more and more people use YouTube to search for music and music videos, this move makes sense.


Other News:

  • Majestic SEO To Launch Pure Link-Based Search Tool – Majestic SEO, who offers an excellent link diagnosis tool, will be launching a new tool called “Search Explorer.” This tool will be using the power and amount of incoming links to various sites to determine the relevance of the site and return search results based on this relevance. Majestic doesn’t see this tool as a competitor to search engines such as Google or Bing, but they see it as filling in a gap left behind by more and more personalized results. The tool is still in alpha right now, and revealed no results when I typed in my own name, but plenty when I typed in my favorite video game (Freespace 2, if you were wondering). Even as a subscriber, we only get ten results, so while it’s interesting, we’re not yet sure about the usefulness of the tool. We’ll keep an eye on it though.
  • Yahoo Ordered to Continue Bing Rollout in Asia by Court Order – Citing that the breach of their agreement has “established irreparable harm to Microsoft”, search-allianceYahoo has been ordered to continue its rollout of Bing integration in its search engine in Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to a Microsoft statement, there was a “narrow disagreement” about the rollout in these countries, but U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson Jr. said the rollout must continue.
  • Study: Brands Created 40% of Top Videos on Instagram – In a recent report by Unruly, they report that 40% of the top 1,000 videos on Instagram were created by brands such as MTV, Disney, Nike, and Red Bull. MTV had the most reach of all, having over eighty videos in the top 1,000 alone, leading to over 130,000 shares for the brand.

See you again next week for another smattering of search engine optimization news!


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