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Hey folks, welcome to another week of SEO news! It’s a slightly quiet week this time around, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless, so let’s get to it!

Google News:

  • Google: Amazon Is Our Biggest Search Rival – A speech given in Berlin given by Google’s Eric Schmidt admitted that it’s neither Bing nor Yahoo that pose the biggest threat to their search dominance, but rather Amazon. Schmidt went on to say that while most folks don’t think of Amazon as search, many people default to it now when search for products to buy, or want to find reviews that focus on specific products. Even though they’re more commerce focused than Google, the fact that many people default to Amazon when searching for products – myself included – has to be a serious thorn in Google’s side.
  • Voice Search Used Mostly To Call Someone Or Ask For Directions – Google hasgoogle-voice-search released an interesting Infographic that gives details on what and when adults and teens use voice search the most. For teens, voice search is used most for calling someone or asking for directions, while for adults, it’s mostly used for getting directions or dictating texts (likely while driving, which makes sense). Interestingly enough, both groups use voice search most while watching TV, while a surprising number of both use voice search while in the bathroom.
  • Google (Also Yahoo And Microsoft) Criticized By FTC For “Deceptive” Search Ads – Apparently in 2002, the FTC began issuing guidelines that recommended how search engines could clearly differentiate search ads from the rest of the organic search results. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that within the last year, the FTC has begun warning search engines that they’ve seen a decline in compliance with these guidelines, including using the word “Sponsored” rather than “Ad,” which the FTC recommends. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this, if anything.
  • Conversational Search Gets An Upgrade – One of Google Voice Search’s most awesome features is its conversational search, which allows you to have something close to a conversation with Google in order to find what you need. Google recently updated this to help with more things like restaurant reservations and directions. For example, you can now ask Google to find a specific type of restaurant in a specific area, then ask to make a reservation at the one of your choosing – and it will if that restaurant uses OpenTable – then help you find a bar nearby to hang out beforehand while also providing directions to it. I’ve not tried this yet, but I plan to soon, as it sounds awesome.


Other News:

  • Facebook Now Serves More Video Views Per Month Than YouTube – According tofacebook-youtube ComScore, Facebook has been getting more eyes on their videos than YouTube. There was a jump from four billion views in July to twelve billion in August, while YouTube had “only” around eleven billion views during the same timeframe. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.
  • Informal Survey: Many SEO Professionals Concerned About Negative SEO Extortion – An informal survey done on Search Engine Roundtable asked SEO professionals whether they found negative SEO extortion emails – which threatened websites with poor quality backlinks – to be worrisome. 51% of respondents replied positively (31% flat out said “yes”, 22% said “a little”), while a significant amount (38%) said they weren’t worried.



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