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Hello my friends, and welcome to this week’s Smattering! Last week was something of a light week in SEO news when compared to previous weeks; but some fun stuff happened regardless, so let’s take a look!

Google News:

  • Google Updates its Terms of Service to Use Your Data in Advertisements – If you’ve used Google recently — and who hasn’t, really — you might have noticed that there’s a blue bar at the top of Google and its various properties letting users know about their updated terms of service. Starting November 11th, Google will be able to use your photo in ads for various web properties if you’ve visited them or +1’d them. Even though Google has kind of been doing this since 2011, this new update expands the use of +1s in ads according to Marketing Land. If you want to opt out of this, you can do so here if you’re logged into Google.
  • Google Filters Out Mug Shot Sites with Algorithm Tweak – According to a lindsay-lohan-mug-shot-170x275report in the New York Times, one of their journalists reached out to Google to ask about the status of nefarious mug shot sites floating around the Internet. These sites post public mug shots of celebrities and ordinary citizens, and some charge money to have these pictures removed. Google replied, saying they felt empathetic to the plight of people who had their mug shots posted despite their guilt or innocence, and were working on an algorithm that would filter these sites out from Google. While Google believes these images violate their guidelines, owners of these sites feel such a move would violate their first amendment rights. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
  • Cutts: Geograghical-Based Redirects Aren’t Spam – In a recent video, Google Engineer Matt Cutts took on the question of whether redirecting a user based on their geographic location is spam. While it is seen as a spammy tactic to redirect users or search engines to different pages in order to try to fool the search engines, geotargeting is seen as a legitimate tactic.
  • Google Updates Mobile Playbook to Outline Essential Mobile Strategies – Mobile search has been steadily increasing in importance in the eyes of Google, with a new mobile speed test and guidelines for the speed of mobile sites, for example. Google has added more information for webmasters striving to maximize their mobile strategy with the second edition of their Mobile Playbook. In this book, Google offers several tips to marketers to make the most out of their mobile strategies, such as “create mobile-first, not desktop-lite, destinations” or “integrate mobile into multi-screen marketing”. These will doubtlessly become more important as the weight of a good mobile site increases.

Other News:

  • Pinterest Launches Promoted Pins– Similar to promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest recently began launching promoted pins. These pins will be clearly marked as advertisements and will allow marketers to easily reach this growing social market.


  • Bing Adds “Klout-orship” to Search Results – While Bing’s social sidebar has been integrating Klout-based results for quite some time, Bing is now taking it one step further by integrating Klout-verified snapshots into the search results, promoting verified authors and influencers. These results will show the most popular personalities and posts based on Klout, Twitter and Instagram data, and will show results from LinkedIn, connected social profiles, and other influential topics.

This has been your Smattering of SEO News, tune in next week for more!


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