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Hey folks, welcome to another Smattering of SEO news. A good range of fun stuff happened this week, from Google admitting it’s having problems crawling Wix-based sites, to dumping a scheme to crawl AJAX-based sites (which, interestingly, is what Wix-based sites run on), so it’s kind of funny. All this and more this week, check it out!

Google News

  • Google Working On Wix Crawling Fix – Apparently around two weeks ago, Google stopped indexing sites based on the popular Wix website creation platform. Google’s John Mueller said that Google is working on “resolving things here on our side,” and that, once the fix is implemented, Wix-based sites might be crawled more quickly to get them back in the index faster. We’ll keep you updated on this one.
  • Google Drops AJAX Crawling Proposal – Back in 2009, Google proposed a scheme to crawl AJAX-based websites – like those based on the WIX platform noted in the previous story – by using _escaped_fragment_ elements and the like. Well, Google has decided it’s dropping this scheme from its usual crawling. This doesn’t mean Google will stop crawling AJAX sites entirely, but in their FAQ on the subject from the blog post, they suggest moving onto progressive enhancement, including URLs that use #! to denote AJAX-based pages. As the escaped_fragment_ method was never that great, it’s nice to see Google realize this and move on from it.
  • Search Console Reports To Become Faster, More Accurate -During his keynote at PubCon recently, Google’s Gary Illyes said that reports in Search Console such as Index Status and Crawl Status will become faster, more accurate and more useful, as well as include examples. This came from Twitter users at the event, so we don’t have much more info than that right now, but we hopefully will soon. Stay tuned!
  • Google Doesn’t Care About Single Or Double Quotes In HTML – This is less news and more in the “Huh, interesting.” column. According to a recent Tweet by Google’s Gary Illyes, Google doesn’t give on whit whether you use single or double quotes in your HTML syntax.google-quotes-1444651805

Other News

  • Yahoo Local Outsources Local Listing Management To Yext – For quite a while, Yahoo Local was the number one powerhouse of local listings. Times have changed, apparently, and now Yahoo is outsourcing their local listings and management of said listings to Yext, who already manage local listings for Bing, Yelp Foursquare, and others. Yahoo Local users can continue to use Yext to manage their Yahoo listings, or can now enroll in Yext’s PowerListing syndication product, which will put their data across their network of sites.small-business-generic-ss-1920-800x450


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