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Wow folks, LOTS of Google algorithmic news this past week, and it’s all over the place! The next big update is likely to shake up quite a few sites’ rankings. We’ll keep you posted on all the goodies, starting with this week’s feast. Enjoy!

Google Algorithm News:

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    Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Algorithm “Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin” Apparently – At SMX Munich, Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji was quoted saying that the upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm update will be more impactful to websites than Panda or Penguin. While there were no specifics to go along with this statement, SEO news folks are beside themselves guessing how big the impact will be. Since more and more of Google’s traffic comes from mobile, one can guess that it’s going to be a big deal. We’ll bring you more as we get it.

  • Google Updated Their Doorway Page Algorithm – Google has never been fond of doorway pages, previously calling them “poor-quality pages”. Now, Google has gone ahead and updated their doorway page algorithm to be increasingly aggressive against them. Google now defines them as, “sites or pages created to rank highly for specific search queries.” They go on to say these pages are outright bad for users. If you have an Ecommerce site that uses this tactic to try and expand your search engine coverage, now might be the right time to stop.
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    Speculation: Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Targeted At Ecommerce Sites – Over on RocketMill, author Yousaf Sekander took a look at both the data known about the upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm, as well as the aforementioned doorway page algorithm and came to one conclusion: Ecommerce is the big target of the upcoming algorithm. He notes one of Google’s new “questions we should ask ourselves” specifically asks, “Do the pages duplicate useful aggregations of items (locations, products, etc.) that already exist on the site for the purpose of capturing more search traffic?” This, to him, specifically goes after Ecommerce sites, who’ve been using this doorway tactic for a long time now. It’ll be interesting to see if he is right.

  • Penguin Not Updated Regularly Or Monthly – In a recent Google Hangout, a viewer asked Google’s John Mueller about Penguin updates, whether they’re regular or monthly. Mueller replied that he didn’t think the algorithm is on any kind of schedule at the moment, but it’s something they want to be more regular about. That just doesn’t mean monthly.


Regular Google News:

  • Google Says Mobile Autocomplete Forms Useful For Users, Not Rankings – In a recent update, Google stated that, “We hope to see many forms marked up with the ‘autocomplete’ attribute in the future.” When Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz asked Google’s Gary Illyes if this was a hint about using these forms for rankings, Schwartz was told that nothing is being hinted at at all. Regardless, it’s good usability to make sure these forms work, so they should be implemented regardless.



Other News:

  • Yahoo Market Share Falls As Firefox Users Fall Back To Google – While the numbers are quite small, it’s fascinating to watch Google slowly creep back up in market share. Firefox users are returning to the search engine giant after Yahoo was made its search engine by default late last year, according to comScore’s recent February Search Share Report. According to the report, Yahoo’s share dropped to 12.8%, while Google’s rose to 64.5%. comScore went on to say that Yahoo lost 10% of its search volume between January and February.


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