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Hello my friends, and happy Wednesday! I hope your rankings are up and your traffic is flowing! In SEO news, it felt like a fairly slow Summer week. This isn’t surprising – especially with Matt Cutts on hiatus – but stuff did happen, so let’s take a look!


Google News:

  • Google Slaps Moz’s YouMoz Contributor With Manual Action For Fishy Links – YouMoz, a user-generated SEO blog sponsored by Moz, is supposed togoogle-penalty-card-moz-1406118804 be a safe place for authors to post their content while simultaneously being monitored for unscrupulous practices such as unnatural link building. That plan went awry when one of their writers discovered their website took a hit for a link violation. The author’s content was found to be keyword and link rich, which doesn’t really need to be done anymore. This writer had been getting away with such posts for a while, and because it got past YouMoz reviewers, Rand Fishkin isn’t too pleased right now. More on this intriguing story as we get it.
  • Google: Knowledge Graph Shouldn’t Be Branded – In a recent Hangout withgoogle-knowledge-graph-1386942772 Google’s John Mueller, users asked him why some Knowledge Graph results are so heavily branded. Mueller said that overt branding is something they need to watch out for, as they don’t want the Graph to turn into an advertisement for a site. Rather, Graph should bring quality results about a general topic. Hopefully this means we’ll get more relevant information in the Graph in the future.
  • Google Revamps Alerts Interface – Google has launched a cleaner and much more intuitive interface for one of their most underrated features: Alerts. While the options themselves – such as how often to get an alert, language, and region – haven’t changed, the cleanliness of the interface in creating and managing these alerts is now simpler than ever, which is fantastic. If you want to get alerts as either an email or in an RSS feed for just about anything, try Alerts out, it’s really great.


Other News:

  • eBay: Google Penalty Resulted In “Dramatic Impact” On Earnings – In aebay-600 recent earnings call, eBay Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan admitted that, “the combination of the cyberattack and the Google SEO had an immediate and dramatic impact on GMV growth.” This may have cost eBay around $200 million in revenue, according to Danny Sullivan, which is an amazing number.
  • Report: Nearly A Quarter Of All Referral Traffic Driven By Facebook – A recent study by Shareaholic found that in June of this year, Facebook generated 23.39% of all visits through Shareaholic’s massive network of 300,000 sites. In second place was Pinterest with 5.72% of visits, which isn’t even close. This is also a massive jump up from Facebook’s 9.34% share just a year ago. You can read more about the report on Shareaholic’s blog.
  • Foursquare Announces New Focus: Personalized Local Search – Foursquare has announced that the new core focus of its business will benew-foursquare-logo personalized local search, according to a new blog post. This will bring about several changes, the largest of which is that now you’ll need to use their Swarm app if you want to continue to check in with the service. The Foursquare app itself will now focus on delivering personalized local results that will match the tastes of the user and be unique to that user, or so they say. The new Foursquare will be here “really soon”, so it’ll be fascinating to see how it all works out.


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