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There’s nothing particularly plethora-y about this week’s Plethora of PPC News, but it’s still hot off the press and thoughtfully written by yours truly.


How Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Affects Paid Search


We’re all buzzing about Google’s latest SEO algorithm update, now commonly referred to as Mobilegeddon. Mobile-friendly tags are now appearing in AdWords ads, and it is likely Google’s Ad Rank formula will soon take mobile-friendliness into consideration. I know we’re often flailing our hands around screaming about how important mobile is (ahem, see my last blog post titled “Mobile, Mobile, Mobile”) but the reality is this update will likely impact PPC – and soon.


Bing Releases iOS App For Bing Ads

Last month, Google launched its AdWords app and now Bing has come out with a similar app. Advertisers can now check Bing Ads account performance on their phones, as well as make edits to their campaigns.


Share-Worthy Shift In Shopping Ads

Retailers appear to be jumping on board with Shopping Ads as they become an increasingly more prevalent feature of Google’s search results. Investments are increasing along with ROIs. This chart also shows a clear increase in clickthrough rate on Shopping Ads. And in case I haven’t mentioned mobile enough already, the green line showing mobile clickthrough is rising above tablets and desktops. Furthermore, clickthrough rate in position one of search is on a downward trend – which correlates pretty clearly with the shopping shift.





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