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Not much of a correlation between the fun things Google is testing and the Snapchat advertising updates, but they’re both discussed below and I hope you enjoy this week’s read!
Testing 1, 2, 3

The search query report is finding a new home in the AdWords layout. To view search queries, we used to have to click under Keywords > Details > Search Terms > All. Now it’s clickable on the Keywords tab right at the top of the page, as are negative keywords. This seems like a major improvement as I think back to the struggle of finding it with my first account. Though it’s now second nature, I think it’s a great idea to make these things more accessible. It’s also not in every account yet but check out the below screenshot for a preview of what’s probably soon to be rolled out to all AdWords advertisers.



Google is also now testing a “value alert” in product listing ads. As you can see in the image below, the Dermstore ad doesn’t even have the lowest price among the ads shown yet it still gets the alert. Google hasn’t offered much detail but it’s likely the alert is displayed based off the size of the discount. We’ll keep you posted on how this test plays out.



Oh Snap – Here’s The Latest With Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat just snagged a Google Executive to campaign for political ad dollars. And despite Snapchat’s limited targeting options, Ad Age reports that 70% of its users are 18 or older, making this a prime targeting tool for young voters. Local ad targeting is an option, though, for $50,000 a pop (national “Live Story” feeds start at $100,000 per ad).

In other Snapchat news, it was announced that Snapchat’s publishing partners can now run 10-second ads on Discover at the cost of $0.02 per view. One Snapchat publishing partner referred to it as “the next iteration of social content,” with some obvious bias. Though we do want to keep our eyes on this one since some claim it is now on par with Google AdWords, YouTube’s Tru View, and Facebook’s sponsored updates.


Google Showing Fewer Ads Per Search?

Google has been reporting hefty CPC declines, but industry sources show the opposite for Google paid search. We were able to get some clarity as to why from looking at the Q1 2015 earnings call. Google’s CFO revealed that for the first time, were it not for YouTube TrueView ads, Google “sites clicks would be lower but still positive, and CPCs would be healthy and growing year-over-year.”

Upon reading this, I scratched my head but read on. In the above article Mark Ballard, RKG’s Director of Research, speculates that Google may be showing fewer ads. He backs up his argument well, going on to say “showing fewer ads wouldn’t be that different from what they’ve done over the years with the numerous ad extensions that are available and preferentially served for top ads.” While we can’t know for sure that this is the case, it is worth taking a look at the data presented and the argument put forward.


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