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The Plethora of PPC News has some exciting news! Wait, what? News has news? Yes – we are switching up authors this week and every other week moving forward. Stay tuned for more changes!


Brand CPCs Surging

This past quarter, for the first time ever, paid search advertisers faced higher costs to show up on their own brand terms on Google than on Bing. Brand keyword CPCs, on average, rose nearly 40% year-over-year, and 10% quarter-over-quarter. Yikes! These keywords include brand + other phrases as well. If you are having this problem, you may want to start filling out this form.



Google Adds Target CPA And ROAS Projections

Ever wonder if you increased or decreased your target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) what would happen to conversions and unique conversions? Well, Google has you covered now, if you opt into this automated bidding strategy which uses the past two weeks of data to hit that sweet spot. The idea is to use the historical CPA data while AdWords works to optimize by either  increasing or decreasing conversions to reach the target CPA goal. This update is now globally available as a part of Google’s bid strategy tools.



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