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The Plethora of PPC News is back after being on hiatus for a few weeks, but we will be resuming the usual schedule moving forward.


Another Line Of Ad Space

The Structured Snippet Extension is used to highlight a specific aspect of your products or services in regards to a business. It adds another line of ad space on result pages and makes ads stand out even more when stacked with the call out extension. What is great about it is, that it’s finally rolling out globally and out of beta. Coming to an AdWords account near you.


Mobile SERPs Adds Another Tenant

Google has officially confirmed that your mobile search results now come with three ads instead of two. In most cases, with three ads at the top of result pages, users will have to scroll down past the ads if they want to see organic search results.



Yahoo Powered By Google Search…Sometimes

Now onto the semi-older, still relevant PPC news update: Yahoo continues to test out Google powered search results on its search pages. These Google powered results occur more frequently on web browsers besides Google Chrome. This is especially cool because it is advertising through AdWords (with search partners enabled), so it allows your ads to potentially show up on Yahoo. Right now there’s no definitive time of day you can spot your ads out in the Yahoo wild, but you can rest assured that they sometimes show up!



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