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Remember my post about Google testing some new things with search query reports? Well, I’ve decided I hate the change for one reason – the pretty little red tags for exclusions are gone. But in other news…


Removal Of Removed Data

adwords-deletionIf you’ve been in AdWords lately, you’ve probably noticed (or ignored) a new notification saying “Removing is becoming permanent…” While losing removed campaigns, ad groups, ads, etc. may not sound too concerning – I mean, you removed them for a reason, right? Truth is, you’re losing what might be valuable historical data along with it!

Anything with 0 impressions is being removed as of March, but July is when it will kick into high gear, removing the ‘removed’ items with any and all data behind it. In some cases, you might not care to lose the removed, but you might miss the historical conversion data, past season ad CTRs, etc. when it’s gone. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, change anything you might miss to ‘paused’ before it’s gone for good!


Google Announces Shopping Updates

Google announced several updates to occur in September for Google Shopping Feeds and Product Taxonomy. Some highlights include: units and quantity attributes for products sold in bulk, tightened requirements for GTINs, ID attributes, and shipping requirements which enable users to see total price.



Bing Adds Automated Rules

Bing has introduced a new feature, Automated Rules. This will enable advertisers to schedule and automate their campaign management operations. Currently there are thirteen types of rules, which can be found under the new “Automate” tab, next to “Details”.bing-automated-rules-small-1


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