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After a brief hiatus, we have a Plethora of PPC News to share with our wonderful readers! We know it’s been a while but we’re back. And you look lovely – is that a new outfit? Without further ado (or flattery), I present to you the Plethora!
Paid Search News:


AdWords Call-Only Campaigns – Google’s new call-only campaigns were announced in late February, but the paid search world is finally airing their initial thoughts. The data in this article provides useful insights into what industries the call-only campaigns are best fit for. For bail bonds and towing services, users tend to be ready to call much more quickly than users searching for a chiropractor or limo services. Call-only campaigns force users further down the sales funnel than other PPC campaigns, which may be counterproductive for industries where users tend to take longer to make calls.

LinkedIn for Paid Search – Not likely to be top of mind for advertising dollars, LinkedIn might be an overlooked platform for your business. LinkedIn, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest professional social network,” has a member base composed of users that are in a different mindset than other social networks. For example, Facebook users are more interested in sharing social updates of things no one actually cares about (it’s okay, we all do it). But with users in a professional mindset and the rich targeting options available, LinkedIn might be worth testing if you’re in the B2B or recruiting space.

The Home Depot On Landing Pages – In a recent interview during her panel discussion at ClickZ Live in New York, Erin Everhart, SEO manager of The Home Depot, shared her thoughts on landing pages. The five-minute video is worth watching in its entirety, but to sum up her main point – test everything! She says to “Test small and test often.”


Other News:

Bud Light Launches First Tinder Video Ad – Sure, we’ve seen promotions in the Tinder app before, but Bud Light isn’t building fake profiles as previously done by shows like “The Mindy Project.” These ads will be interruptive video units, ready to pop up whenever – so are you #upforwhatever ads your swiping might bring?



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