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Are you ready for some football? Yeah? How about some news from a pay-per-click company blog? I know, I know, getting the latest updates from the world of digital advertising is slightly less exhilarating than watching the Super Bowl champion Ravens take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos, but we can still have fun! I’ve got some great stories for you, hot off the press. We can call it pre-gaming!


  • Twitter, as we all know, is everyone’s favorite place to follow the daily goings on of celebrities and to shout personal banalities into the abyss. It’s also a popular destination for giving out kudos and complaints to companies for excellent or terrible service. Twitter’s ad platform is still young and generally ignored by end users, however, one man used a promoted tweet to shame British Airways for losing his luggage. Hell hath no fury like an individual with disposable income and a Twitter account scorned. Perhaps this is a viable new revenue stream!
  • Google got to where it is today in part due to its ability to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry. As other tech brands have grown larger and more mature, though, keeping that talent has become exceedingly difficult for Google. This week alone, Google lost two top executives; CFO Brent Callinicos headed to Uber and Ad Director Christian Oestlien moved on to Twitter. Google was once the hot, young, success story of the Valley but has now become the old, wizened patriarch and its leaders are ripe for poaching. Google has been able to withstand this sort of brain drain in the past (it has done well despite losing Marissa Mayer to Yahoo and Eric Schmidt to a sea of beautiful women) but it will be interesting to see how long it can continue to shine if this continues.
  • Video ads have long been a tough business. Everyone has sat through a 20 second ad just to watch a one minute YouTube clip and the experience is like a mini, online version of going to the DMV. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; and often an advertisement! The new rage is interactive video ads that provide a better user experience than the boring old, TV-style clips. These ads create a dialogue which can engage the user and they are starting to catch on. Estimates claim that 11% of videos ads are now somewhat interactive. So, the next time you see the Most Interesting Man in the World online, think about what you might want to ask him. He just might answer!
  • The wait is officially over; Yahoo has decided on a new logo! What do you think? Does the symmetry make you trust the brand more than you did before? Does the font make you take Yahoo more seriously? Does the familiar color scheme lead you to believe that the company is true to its roots but still just a little bit quirky? Personally, I think it’s a little nicer looking than before and the idea of rolling out 30 of these ahead of the final choice seems really, really expensive. Welp, here it is, Ms. Mayer. Was it worth it?



Thanks for joining me for another edition of PPC management news. Have fun with all the new information that you’ve picked up here and use it to dazzle your friends over a cold beer and some hot nachos while watching tonight’s NFL matchup. Discussing fantasy stats is sooo last year!


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