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This week in the online marketing headlines, we’ve got some updates from AdWords, we check back in with Twitter, and we have some surprising news from Yahoo. If you don’t learn something new this week, I’ll eat my hat. Of course, I’m not really a hat guy, so I’ll probably end up having to make one from scratch. I think bacon might be a good material to start with. But hopefully it won’t come to that; let’s get started!


  • We begin with some news that, actually, isn’t very new. I’ll take responsibility for not mentioning this in an earlier edition of the Plethora but it’s such a big update that I felt it deserved recognition. Earlier this month, Google released the AdWords Conversion Import feature. This new development gives advertisers a better way to close the circle between leads generated from AdWords clicks and sales generated by following up on those leads. This functions by giving each click created a specific ID that will correlate later to the lead. Because the click can be identified individually, the sales generated afterwards can be assigned accordingly. This is a great feature for determining not just the quantity of leads that AdWords can generate but also the quality.
  • Speaking of new features in AdWords, there’s an even more recent, notable feature that deserves recognition as well. The AdWords Bid Simulator is a tool that lives in AdWords that advertisers can use to estimate how many clicks a keyword might generate at a given bid. It’s been a favorite of the AdWords community and although it’s not always accurate, it gives the best projections out there. Google just updated the tool to also give estimates on conversions, which was the obvious next step for such a tool. Of course, the biggest factor in terms of predicting conversion rate is the efficacy of the website, so it remains to be seen how useful the new feature will be.
  • Here’s a sentence that you probably thought you’d never hear: “Yahoo is #1!” Well, it’s true! Although Google’s market share in search is still undeniable, Yahoo’s network of sites – which includes major acquisitions such as Flickr and Tumblr – has increased its total unique visitors to make it number one domestically. Being number 1 vs. number 2 is somewhat arbitrary, but it does show that Yahoo has come a long way in a year since when it trailed Google’s network of sites by its largest ever margin. To overtake Google proves that there are still major revenue opportunities for Yahoo in the ad game on the display side, even though Google is the definitive number one in search.
  • We’ve mentioned several times that Facebook has done a great job securing revenue from its mobile experience and that that’s likely where additional opportunities lie in the future. The folks at Twitter, however, are arguably doing mobile even better than their rivals. As Twitter files for its upcoming IPO, it is demonstrating that it has a growing revenue stream and cogent strategy for mobile. To be honest, I’ve joked that Twitter was designed for three types of people: 1) celebrities, 2) people who care about celebrities for some reason, and 3) people who like shouting into the void. Well, whether or not that joke has any credence might be immaterial because a little birdy told me that Twitter is making some good scratch irrespective of the stigma.

 twitter mobile

See what I did there? A “little birdy” reference in a paragraph about Twitter? Boy, I crack myself up. Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Plethora! For more information about PPC management, digital advertising, and the world of online media, please stop by again next week!


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