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Well, the big news this week was definitely Apple’s release of it’s new – well, sorta new – iPhone 5S and 5C. But who cares? That’s not PPC management news! That’s phone news! Today’s plethora may not contain info on why accessing your phone with your fingerprint is a good or bad idea, but it does go into some of the most interesting stories in the world of online marketing. Let’s get going!


  • Last week, we began by talking about Twitter, a company that isn’t normally associated with successful advertising monetization. It looks as though Twitter is making a real effort to change that though, with its acquisition of MoPub. This purchase gives Twitter a better chance at making money where more and more of their traffic resides: on smart phones. MoPub’s location-based mobile targeting is just what Twitter needs to catch up to the industry leaders like Google and Facebook and, for a $350MM price tag, it may have been a great buy.
  • Speaking of playing catch up, let’s talk about Bing Ads! Ever since Google made the switch over to Enhanced Campaigns earlier this summer, it was just a matter of time before Bing would find a way to make it simple to import those campaigns onto its platform. That day has finally come as Bing Ads announced compatibility with Enhanced earlier this week. You know how you’ve been so happy with your performance with Enhanced that you couldn’t wait to drag the campaign over to Bing? No? You haven’t even liked Enhanced? Well, now you can drag that campaign over anyway!
  • We’ve mentioned in the Plethora that Google had shuttered its popular keyword tool for a new Keyword Planner. The folks over at Moz evaluated the Google Keyword Planner and the results are mixed. The TL;DR version is that there is more and better information in some granular areas but there are enough features that have been stripped that usability has suffered. I recommend that everyone read through the whole article and experiment with the tool themselves. As with all free Google tools, it doesn’t pay to get upset when they make a change; just learn the new version and try to make it work for you. It’s Google’s world, after all. We’re just living in it.
  • Not only does the world belong to Google, so does the Holiday Season! Seriously, though, making sure that you’ve got your AdWords campaigns prepped and ready to go for the Christmas rush is a serious matter and an evolving, multi-month process. Google gives three strategies to help you during the holidays that can be summed up as: 1) Get started early, now’s probably good, 2) Price is still king, so make sure you’re competitive, and 3) Mobile, mobile, mobile! Talk to your PPC rep/team about making sure that you’re covered this year because it’s not your imagination, Christmas really does start earlier every year.


Sorry for talking about Christmas in September, guys. I know how annoying that is when we haven’t even begun putting up Halloween decorations. That said, it’s still important to think about, so get cracking! The digital advertising news will be back next week with another edition. Thank you so much for joining me for this one.


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