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Thanks for joining me for another session of new developments in the world of PPC management. This week, we’re covering a broad swath, from redesigns to lawsuits to in-depth studies. If it’s going on in digital marketing, then we’re your source for learning more!

  • As searches on smartphones steadily climb, we hear more and more about mobile marketing. The problem for many advertisers, is that the direct return on investment in mobile doesn’t rival the ROI on traditional computers. [x+1] recently conducted a study in which it found that only 3% of marketers are getting “Good ROI” in mobile. Does this mean that you should stay away? Of course not! It just means that you might want to change your goals. With so many marketers distressed, it means that the mobile market is still full of opportunity. Phones aren’t going anywhere, so we encourage you to reevaluate your mobile plan.
  • Google is good at a lot of things, search being only one of them. Google also has a variety of extremely helpful online tools. One of the most popular, the Google Keyword Tool, has been discarded for the a new tool called the Keyword Planner. You know how most people feel when you take away their favorite toy, don’t you? Well, that’s how folks have been responding to this major change. Hopefully, Google will continue to improve the Planner so that we can all calm down and play nicely again.yahoo
  • Yahoo has had its naysayers in the past, but the Marissa Mayer era has has been one marked by significant change. Some agree with her decisions, some disagree, but one thing that is obvious is that the status quo is out and new ideas are in. This week, Yahoo launched a major redesign of its portal including a variety of new logos. Will this will help change Yahoo’s fortunes? It’s tough to say but almost anything would be a better choice than the current, outdated logo. That’s a definite style “Don’t!”
  • Facebook has gotten a lot of good news from Wall Street in the past month, but not everything is hunky dory over in Zuck’s neighborhood. Facebook recently had to pay out $20M in a settlement for opting folks into Sponsored Stories without their consent. Of course, $20M isn’t very much to a big company like Facebook but, funny enough, it isn’t very much to the plaintiffs either. If all the eligible plaintiffs collected, they would come out with a whopping two pennies each!

If you’re looking for a PPC company or just the latest news in digital advertising, Wpromote has got you covered! Please check in next week for more interesting news covering paid search, online marketing, and all of the players involved. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


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