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Another Thursday, another healthy dose of news in the world of PPC management. This week is a good one, with some interesting new developments from the big names in paid search. Check it out!


  • This week, Google launched a brand new ad unit, specifically tailored for responsive sites. Responsive design is all the rage–even we’re doing it!–but getting ad units to fit within a site that can change shapes and sizes isn’t an easy task. Luckily for us, if there’s a way to put an advertisement on a website, Google is going to find it! There are still some kinks being worked out but it’s likely that Google won’t wait long to make any fixes that help them keep that revenue rolling in.
  • Facebook has always been about trying to bring the Internet inside the box that is Facebook. They don’t want you to go wandering around the Internet for content; they want you to go wandering around Facebook for content. That’s how they make money! This week, though, Facebook introduced embedded posts, which will allow you to put Facebook content on websites outside of Facebook the same way that you can embed a YouTube video in your blog. This won’t make Facebook more money directly, but it will remind you that fun stuff is going on over at Facebook.com and may entice you to go back there where all of their ads are.
  • This next link isn’t so much news as just a really good article about how to get more out of your Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Author Dan Morrison spells out six great strategies for an area of the PPC universe that often gets neglected: the merchant feed. It’s important to monitor your ROI, change your bids, and optimize your settings but it’s also important that the merchant feed is set up for success. Read the article and then get cracking on fixing that feed!
  • Google is great not only because it helps you find the things you’re looking for but also because it comes with a bunch of cool Easter egg features that are incredibly useful. For example, a Redditor recently discovered and posted that you can easily turn Google into a handy timer whenever you want! So, the next time you’re googling a recipe for dinner, look no further for keeping track of how long to keep that potato in the oven!

Thank you for your time! I hope we all learned something this week. Check in again next week for more pay-per-click news!



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