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Good afternoon, everyone! Due to the wild popularity of our own Brian Rubin’s weekly post, “A Smattering of SEO News,” we’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to the other side of the search coin: the side you have to pay for!

Wpromote has been an authority of PPC management since 2001 and we keep our eyes peeled for breaking news related to AdWords developments, paid search updates, and online media trends on an ongoing basis. How selfish would we be if we didn’t share them with you? Below are some links to some fascinating articles on the latest in the world of PPC:


  • Recently, Google introduced unique product identifier requirements for Product Listing Ads (PLAs). If you don’t remember such an exciting announcement, you’re probably not alone, however, that doesn’t exempt you from having to follow the rules. Read up now because enforcement is already in effect and offenders will be rejected starting in September!


  • Video ads have been a tough nut to crack for a lot of advertisers. Many believe that they just don’t work online the same way that they have for decades on the ol’ boob tube. Well, despite their detractors, video ads hit a new high in June with over 20 billion views in the month. That’s a lot of frustrated people waiting to watch the news reporter botch the Korean pilot’s names!


  • Speaking of ads that have had their value questioned in the past few years, mobile search ads could be far more important than previously thought. A recent study reveals that as much as 88% of mobile search ad traffic is incremental. That means that if your organic listing shows up for a search for “Culver City Pizza,” you’d be missing out on 88% of mobile traffic by pausing your mobile AdWords ads in order to save a few bucks. That’s a lot of pizza going cold!


    • Who doesn’t love a good meme, right? They’re hilarious! Unfortunately, when search engine dorks like me try to make them, the results can be cringe-inducing. To see what I’m talking about, check out this list of “hilarious” memes about Google’s recent forced shift to Enhanced Campaigns. Remember, there’s a reason that we’re sitting at computers all day instead of cracking up packed houses at the Laugh Factory every night.

ppc meme

Thanks for reading, folks! I’ll be back next week for the latest news in the world of pay-per-click advertising.



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