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Last week, we spent the entire column talking about Google. It was a good one, but it was pretty one-dimensional. This week, we’ll hit all of the classic big players in search marketing. Bing, Yahoo, and Google all have new developments this week, so let’s get right to it!


  • Bing has a new feature on its search engine that’s making some noise called Bing Saves. This development takes personalization of search to the next level,bing-saves-600x310 allowing users to save search engine results for future use, see what’s trending now, and view a Twitter-like public feed. Part of me wonders if this is a good thing—sometimes it’s good to see results that you weren’t expecting—but it’s certainly an interesting innovation. I’m excited to get a chance to use the word “innovation” when talking about Bing for a change!
  • It seems like almost every site online will allow you to access content using either your Google or Facebook ID. If you’ve ever noticed your photo in the corneryahoo of Yelp before you’ve even logged in, you probably realize that it’s integrated with Facebook. Not everyone likes this dynamic and Yahoo, for one, is putting a stop to it for their sites. It’s unclear why Yahoo is doing this, but I’m pessimistic that people are going to want to dust off their old Yahoo accounts just to get more access. It could be a sign of something big to come or just another stumble for Yahoo.
  • We all know that mobile has been the biggest trend in online marketing over themobile-ads past two to three years, but for as fast as it‘s growing, mobile ads have not kept pace. Subsequently, a new study suggests that not only will mobile ads grow; mobile ads will accelerate in the near future. This is good news if you haven’t gotten your mobile strategy launched yet. You haven’t missed the boat! Just act quickly; this boat will be setting sail soon!
  • Do you run an AdWords campaign in the search network but are afraid to expand into the display network? Many are worried about wasting dollars or having another, very differently behaving campaign to manage. Google recently introduced Search Network with Display Select (what a mouthful!) to help address this issue. Now, advertisers can essentially flip a switch and Google will do the heavy lifting for you in display! If this sounds a little too good to be true, that’s because it might be. I’d always advise that advertisers use caution whenever Google unveils a product that allows you to give up control of your ad dollars. Remember, they haven’t said “don’t be evil” since 2004.


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Plethora. If you have questions about the field of PPC management or search marketing as a whole, we’ve got answers. And if we don’t have answers, someone else does and we’ll probably link to them. See you back here next week!


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