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It’s Thursday again and we’ve got another hot set of articles for you from the world of online advertising. Just like two weeks ago, this one is all about Google. We’ll see what’s new, what’s been ditched, and what’s on the horizon for the Monsters of Mountain View. Let’s get to it!



  • Google is getting on in years and you know what that means: it’s time for a facelift! In actuality, Google updates the search engine results pages quite frequently, but this week they did a little more work than usual. Some of the changes are purely cosmetic—slightly different font, no more underlining of links—and some are more functional. However, every single change, even a cosmetic one, is done for a reason at Google. Check it out and let us know if you prefer the new look Google to the old.


  • Speaking of changes to the Google search results, Google has decided to shutter banner ads in search. You may not have ever noticed the large, graphic ads because Google only rolled it out to a limited group of searchers. Regardless, if you’ve never said to yourself, “I love Google, but I’d really love a gigantic banner ad taking up half my screen,” then you won’t be surprised to find that the test failed. To those of you that really love banner ads, you’re out of luck…all zero of you!


  • Do you have over 100,000 registered customers? If so, congratulations, that’sdesktop to mobile pretty amazing! Also, Google has a new product for you to help you reconcile customers that use multiple devices (PCs, tablets, phones) to research and purchase your products. It’s called Desktop-to-Mobile Retargeting. The interesting thing about this is the system is entirely cookieless. Cookies are little tags that you pick up on various sites that help those sites track you. Ever been to a store online and seen their ads everywhere for the next week? That’s cookie tracking at work. This freaks some people out due to privacy concerns. This new product is one of the first sophisticated ad tools that removes cookies entirely out of the process. Even if you do like ads, this is an impressive technological breakthrough.
  • This last announcement came from Isaac Pastrana, a Sr. PPC Manager here at Wpromote, who sent this to the team with only this excerpt: “Building on the success of enhanced campaigns…” If you work with Google, you know that that’s a scary way to begin a sentence because enhanced campaigns were not deemed a success by everyone; especially for people who don’t work at and for Google. Anyway, there are some big innovations promised at the upcoming April 22nd event. Livestream it to find out what’s new or just come back to the Plethora that Thursday!

Thanks for joining us for another edition of the Plethora, your best place online to find news about PPC management. If you have any suggestions of stuff you’d like covered, feel free to leave a comment.



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