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Another week, another Plethora of News from the world of PPC management. This week, we’re doing a focus on Google and their effect on everything from the AdWords interface to the city in which they are headquartered. Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and the rest are sitting on the sidelines this week. Let’s talk Google!



  • On Tuesday, Google released an update to conversion tracking that they call “flexible conversion counting.” For the layman, that might seem like a mouthful offlexible-conversions-adwords jargon—and it is—so let’s make this simpler. Basically, Google wants you to be able to distinguish between sales, downloads, and any type of positive action on your site. Flexible conversion counting makes this a bit easier, or so they hope. Measuring performance has always been a bit tricky, but today’s advertiser is a lot savvier than in years past. It’s a good sign that Google is improving their system to meet those more sophisticated needs.
  • Google is also improving its offering on the local side as well. Google recently announced the release of a local ad platform that should help local newspapers make up for declining print ad dollars with more support on the digital side. Google is partnering with about 1,000 local news outlets to form a consortium that will help both advertisers and struggling local papers continue to provide value to each other. It’s a small step but one that signals some cause for optimism in the world of local news.
  • Google has always offered powerful and free tools to help advertisers to spendsearch-insights-discovering-and-testing-brand-associations_articles_01 their dollars more effectively. Search Insights is one of the most popular of these tools and it just got more robust. Think about Beyoncé for a moment. Done? Okay, now do a quick word association. Which word did you choose? Maybe “music” or “sexy” or “Jay Z.” Or, maybe you thought “hair.” If you did, you’d be in the largest group for co-searches about Beyoncé. Search Insights shows us which connections people make with different searches and, in this instance, it might be as shocking you as it was to me that Beyoncé is most frequently searched for her lovely locks rather than her powerful pipes. For marketers, this can help make deep connections between their products and how people think about them.
  • In the examples we’ve explored, it seems that the Google juggernaut just keeps on getting more dominant. Well, for the folks who live in Mountain View, where the Googleplex is located, might have some thoughts for you. At this point, Google employs about 10% of the folks in Mountain View and continues to gobble up land like the Cookie Monster in front of a plate of Thin Mints. Check out this fascinating piece about the controversial impact that Google has had on its hometown. Just as Detroit is feeling the effects of being a one-industry town, Mountain View fears what might happen with so many of its eggs in the Google basket.

cookie monster


Thank you very much for reading up on Google and Google only this week. Just as their commuting employees are dominating the 101 freeway, Google has dominated today’s Plethora. For more info on online marketing, please come back next week!


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