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Thanks for stopping in on another interesting week in PPC management news from the Plethora. I hope you all had a wonderful Presidents’ Day! We’ll be checking out some major acquisitions and some big reveals from the top companies in the digital marketing world this week.



  • What do you do if the messaging company you want to buy for $3 billion says no?facebook whats app logo Well, if you’re Facebook, you turn around and buy a better one for $16 billion. This week, Facebook acquired messaging app What’s App for that princely sum just months after being told, “no way, Jose” by SnapChat. Personally, I think this was a brilliant move but I think that Henry Boldget did a better job summing up why this was a brilliant business decision by the Zuck.
  • Facebook wasn’t the only company in a spending mood, though. Google got together with Magna Global, one of the world’s biggest players in advertising intelligence. Although it was not a straight purchase, this deal should see more blurring of MagnaGlobalthe lines between television and online ad buying. This is yet another partnership between a media giant and Google, and the proceedings show just how committed Google is to improving its position in the marketplace despite their continual dominance.
  • Google made another big announcement regarding an improvement to its AdWords user experience. Google Shopping, which saw major success during this most recent holiday quarter, is going global. Not only can people around the world buy like Americans; they can now sell like Americans have been doing with Google Shopping for years. This signals Google’s faith in a shopping product that has been tweaked and augmented countless times over the years. Perhaps this is its final form?
  • This year has been full of new developments and even Yahoo is getting into the mix. Yahoo just launched Gemini, a tool set to help them catch up to Facebook in the mobile ad market. CEO Marissa Meyer did a lot of talking about mobile when she took the helm and Gemini appears to be the first tangible development (unless you count Axis, which Yahoo hopes that you do not). I always root for the once-great Yahoo to get back on track. Let’s see if Gemini helps them achieve those ends.


Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Plethora. We’ve got all the links to the online marketing stories that you need during your busy and shortened workweek. If you didn’t get Monday off, though, don’t sweat it. We can’t all love America as much as the patriots here at Wpromote!



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