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After a major apology in December for missing so many posts, I’ve missed over a month of new articles about PPC news. I’d apologize again but you guys probably wouldn’t buy it (and I don’t blame you), so let’s just get right to the recent developments in the paid search advertising world instead:



  • Facebook had a good 2013 and an even better fourth quarter. They’re makingfb-like a lot money and doing it faster than most analysts would have guessed. Unfortunately for third party app makers, though, they’re signing a different tune. As a result, Facebook has decided to begin advertising within third party apps. Although this may appeal to the app developers who will get a cut of the action, it remains to be seen whether advertisers will be interested at all. Plus, that’s just one additional, somewhat confusing means of marketing in Facebook’s already multifaceted offering.


  • By now, you’ve likely heard that Google is selling Motorola – which it acquired inmotorola-for-sale-348x196 2011 – for a ~$9.5 billion loss to Lenovo. They’re keeping the patents but dropping the dead weight of the handset business. That’s not really PPC news, though, but what it means for Google’s future very well could be! Google releases its earnings report today and although the Moto situation will be a big part of the discussion, there are many advertising questions that will need to be answered as well. Stay tuned!


  • Even though AdWords has been doing quite well for Google, being the primary engine of revenue growth, all enduring institutions could use a facelift from time to time. As Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, “Hey, even the Mona Lisa’s falling apart.” Google gave AdWords such a facelift late last week to make it match the new, minimalist (dare I say, Apple-esque?) stylings of other Google products like Gmail and Maps. What do you think of the new look?


  • Not everything is peachy keen for the Monster of Mountain View. A recent court decision sided with a patent troll over Google that should take a 1.36% bite out of Google’s AdWords revenue stream. If you don’t know what a patent troll is, it’s not as bad as the movie Troll 2 but it’s way worse than the troll under the bridge who was so easily fooled by goats. Basically, a company with very little to do bought Lycos (remember that old search engine with the dog mascot?) and held on to a patent that had something to do with AdWords for a bunch of years. Next stop? Lawsuit. Patent trolls make their money by suing companies that, often unwittingly, use software or techniques that have already been patented in the past. So, if you’ve had an existential breakdown about what you’re doing with your life, don’t fret. At least you’re not a patent troll!


My apologies for the absence, everyone. I’ll be sure to make a Groundhog’s Day resolution and get back to my normal schedule of posting the Plethora, your best resource for PPC management information… Well, most of the time. Thanks for reading!


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