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Sorry for the two-week hiatus everyone; I get really into Thanksgiving. The Plethora should appear regularly for the rest of the year so that you can get your online marketing fix as the nights get longer and colder. This week, we’ll report on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, the continued rise of mobile, and Yahoo’s reemergence on the online scene.

  • This year, we’ve spent some serious time discussing the growth of Googlegoogle-amazon-logos-300x197 Shopping in its various iterations. Since the switch to pure “pay to play,” Google Shopping has grown mightily and even overtook Amazon on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year in some categories. This study focused on same-seller sales, which means that Brand X saw more activity from Google Shopping than on Amazon over this past weekend. Of course, Amazon is still the 800-lb gorilla of online retail, but Google Shopping is making major inroads. If you’re an online merchant and haven’t set up your product listing ads (PLAs) in Google Shopping, I highly recommend reading up on it and getting started while Christmas shopping is still going on. It’s fast becoming one of the most important channels in online retail!
  • We all know that Black Friday is a crazy day for sales but what about Cyber Monday? Sure, it gets a lot of press but how big is it, really? If you’re interested, please check out Wpromote’s Infographic with all of the stats but also check out this Wall Street Journal article that reported a 21% increase in Cyber Monday sales over last year. Of that increase, mobile was the main driver. Mobile sales were up 55% over last year on Cyber Monday! I’ve still never bought anything from my phone through a web browser but people are doing it more and more and that trend isn’t likely to slow. Spending on mobile may have fewer direct ROI benefits but it’s still worth doing!
  • How many times have you heard marketers say that although spending on mobile has fewer direct ROI benefits that it’s still worth doing? Well, at least once more, because I just said it! You may have also heard that mobile can be a gateway for other, more quantifiably beneficial behaviors. Thankfully, there is a new study that proves it. Mobile shoppers not only follow up on their laptops and desktops but they visit more sites than do people who exclusively use laptops and desktops. The Plethora has been really pushing for merchants to get on the mobile bandwagon while there is still some room before saturation. Read the study and see if you agree with me!
  • Justin Timberlake released his long anticipated next album, a rebooted Supermanwhat year movie scores big at the box office, the Miami Heat take home the championship in the NBA, and Yahoo tops $38/share on Wall Street. What year am I talking about? If you answered both 2006 and 2013, then you’re right and quite the clever Trevor! Of course, the most surprising development is that Yahoo is actually back in the news and impressing financial analysts again. Who saw that coming? Apparently, CEO Marissa Mayer did, and she’s done an amazing job doing the impossible: turning around the sinking ship that was Yahoo. Other CEOs in the tech space should start paying attention if they haven’t already. I’m excited to see what 2014 holds for Yahoo and hope to see continued success from one of the great, original Internet companies.


Sorry for the absence, everyone. I’m done with turkey forever; too much tryptophan! I’ll stay alert and ready to write for the rest of the year and continue to bring you all the PPC management news that fit to print. Thanks for reading!



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