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Today, we’re focusing on Google and Google channels alone. It’s about time because they are the biggest name in PPC management by a long shot. We try to spread the love here at the Plethora, but it’s about time that Google got an entire week dedicated to it. With Black Friday on the horizon, why not this week?


  • In Google AdWords, there is a tab for Opportunities. It lets you know about areas of your account that you could grow that you might be missing out on. Unfortunately, these recommendations generally just consist of raising bids, adding keywords that you probably don’t want, and spending more and more money. Yesterday, Google updated the Opportunities tab in an effort to make it more useful to advertisers. New features include how to break out your keywords into better ad groups, bid adjustment recommendations by location, and even *gasp* where you can lower your spending! If you find these new opportunities to be more helpful, leave us a comment!


  • Video ads, along with mobile ads, have been all the rage this year. Unlike mobile though, the masses have been slower to adopt video ads for direct response objectives. Next year, may be the Year of Video Ads. Estimates suggest that nearly 70% of agency executives plan on using YouTube ads as part of their comprehensive marketing efforts in 2014. YouTube is famously a Google property now, but it’s also likely that video ads could begin to seep into other channels like Facebook, Vine, and Instagram. Will they be successful or just annoying? It remains to be seen but if video has a good ROI in YouTube, then it’s likely to keep growing.
  • Have you ever wished that someone would just give it to you straight about your website? Would you want someone to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your website before you hit Black Friday and the crucial holiday shopping season? Well, now’s your chance! On Monday, Google will be offering free reviews of websites from their usually silent Webmaster team. Nobody likes hearing that their baby is ugly but if it means that you can make changes that will increase your sales this holiday season, then it might be time to take that toddler to the plastic surgeon! Of course, by that I mean take your website to a designer; I just got carried away with the metaphor.
  • We all know that Google is big but exactly how big is it? Is it bigger than the biggest magazines or the biggest newspapers? The answer may surprise you. According to Business Insider, Google is bigger than both the magazine and newspaper industries. This has been the case since 2012 and the disparity continues to grow. It’s no wonder their stock is over $1,000 with few signs of slowing down.



Thanks for learning about Google’s new developments here at the Plethora this week. Next week, we’ll likely shift back to getting more companies in the online marketing world in the mix but I had to prove that I could go a week without talking about Marissa Mayer. Darn, I did it again!



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