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Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls, and welcome to another spooky edition of the Plethora! This week, we have some tricks and treats in store for you, so don’t ghost anywhere before you finish reading this cursed tome. The scariest developments in online marketing are all here, so let’s get right to it, IF YOU DARE:



  • Some people are afraid of spiders. Others can’t stand the darkness. But there is almost nothing more scary than… banner ads in search results! Hopefully, you NOOOOOOOO+_4d3b85895fde012f2128283b3cf89f40weren’t too freaked out by that, you’ve calmed down, and you’re ready to read on. This week, it was discovered that Google was testing banner ads in search, which is something that former Google executive, Marissa Mayer, said they would never do back in 2005. Not only that, but Bing may be following suit. The search results have always been sacred ground, so I hope that they are ready for a haunting if they go through with this!
  • There are many vile things in this world that inhabit the deepest caves, the darkest forests, and the unknown depths of the sea but few things are as horrific xmas-in-october.imageas… talking about Christmas shopping before the end of October! Google has an evil plan to make managing your shopping feeds easier for the upcoming Christmas rush. They’ve appropriately called them “Google Shopping Campaigns.” This effort marks an attempt by Google to make their confusing Product Listing Ads a bit easier to manage and should be a frightening development for companies that specialize in feed management. In a few years time, they might be dead! Or, UNDEAD!
  • Beware! The end is near! The end is near… for cookie-based tracking systems according to many speculators in the online marketing industry. Cookies have come under fire for being a little bit too sneaky in terms of invading your privacy in order to make it simpler for marketers to show you their best ads. Fear not, though, my advertising minions, for Google and Microsoft are already brewing up new ways to track users through the dense fog of the Internet. One method could involve assigning each user a number or code. Another method could involve, eating your soul!
  • Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re not alone? You’re the only one in nsa imagethe house, the doors are locked, the lights are out, and the night is quiet but you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that someone or something is watching you. What if you were right? What if it’s watching you right now? What if it’s… the NSA! Okay, okay, so that probably didn’t scare you because you know by now that the NSA is probably watching you to some degree and you’ve likely come to terms with that or you’ve been fighting against it by posting a lot on Reddit. But what if I weren’t talking to you? What if I were talking to Google and Yahoo? Surely, they are immune to the NSA’s spying and prying, right? Apparently, not. Like a hungry spider, the NSA has been crawling around the most protected and secret areas of Google and Yahoo’s data centers. Suddenly, it’s getting difficult to figure out who the real monsters are, isn’t it?

Thank you for dressing up, grabbing your bag of candy, and knocking on my door this week. Whether it’s tricks, treats, or comprehensive coverage of PPC management news items, we’ve got it here in this haunted house. Or, um, haunted blog? Either way, I appreciate your reading the Plethora. Come back next week, IF YOU DARE! Oh wait, I already used that one…


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