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This morning, the government got back to work and the world, once again, didn’t come to an end. Happy October 17th, everyone! Of course, while thousands of government employees were waiting to get back to the office, the Plethora was still hard at work finding the best news items about PPC management and digital marketing. Let’s dive into some of the headlines from this past week:


  • Fresh off of their billion dollar IPO filing, Twitter is hard at work adding features for marketers to the interface. Most recently, Twitter added scheduling capabilities for businesses that allow marketers to plan up to a year’s worth of tweets in advance. Considering that Twitter is supposed to be more about what’s happening in the immediate, I’m not sure that many advertisers are going to maximize the utility of this feature, however, it’s great to see that Twitter is preparing to take revenue generation seriously. I’m sure that prospective investors are paying close attention.
  • If you’re reading this, then chances are good that you’ve got a smartphone nearby. So, which do you have: an iPhone or an Android? Facebook is certainly hoping that the answer is “iPhone” because a recent study shows that Facebook makes 1,790% more in ad profits from iPhones compared to Androids. I’m not sure what this says about iPhone users–maybe they’re more engaged, make up a different demographic, or just love clicking on ads–but whatever the reason, Facebook doesn’t care. They just want you to take a look at your Android and think about jumping on the Apple bandwagon!
  • ¿Hablas español? If the answer is “,” then you’ll be happy to know that the Latin American market has been the biggest driver of increased global spending on online ads. Total ad spend was up year-over-year by 2.8% but up over 13% in Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region was close behind and it’s looking like the developing world is catching up in a major way. So, if you’re considering expanding your efforts abroad, then I would say to you: ¡No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy!
  • Remember AOL? It’s probably been a while since you mentioned AOL as Digital Camera Exif JPEGanything but a punchline to a joke, but they are doing quite well for themselves. A while ago, AOL made the long switch from America’s favorite ISP and free CD-sized frisbee dispensary to a major content creator with a heavy focus on ad-based revenue generation. According to a recent report, AOL makes more money on video ad revenue than anyone else, including Google, the proud but likely frustrated owners of YouTube. When you consider how many videos are watched on YouTube compared to on the AOL network, it is a staggering tribute to good business sense that AOL pockets more ad dollars than Google. “Good business sense” and “AOL” in the same sentence? You’d better get used to it!


Thanks for reading another thrilling edition of the Plethora! If the United States can safely kick the can down the road for the umpteenth time, I’m happy to say that I can continue kicking out online marketing news to you good people. Keep reading and feel free to comment if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to add to this week’s news.



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