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We’re back for another week of PPC management news after taking a one week hiatus. Thank you for hanging in there. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about Wpromote’s response to Google’s “not provided” data that we put up instead of the Plethora last week. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend reading it. It’s been an exciting last couple of weeks in digital advertising and this week is no exception. Let’s get to the top stories of the week:


  • Despite a still sluggish economy, a government that’s currently shut down, and Miley Cyrus’s apocalyptic appearance on the VMAs, things have still been expanding rapidly in online advertising. Internet ad revenues hit an all time six-month high in the first half of this year, eclipsing the $20B mark and rising 18% over the same period in 2012. Even where companies’ overall marketing pie is shrinking, the portion of the pie taken up by online ads is growing. Surging mobile usage, increased video ad success, and better accountability of ad dollars have all contributed to the historic levels of spend.
  • Things are never boring in the online advertising world, and Mozilla is looking to really shake things up. The famed developers of the popular browser, Firefox, have suggested an Internet without cookies, in the interest of protecting user privacy. This is great news for privacy wonks but sad news for advertisers that use cookies to better market to their target demographics. Of course, this shift won’t happen overnight, but if users continue to push for more anonymity, then advertisers will have to find new ways of getting the right ads in front of the right eyes.
  • Facebook ads have long been criticized for being inferior to Google’s AdWords search ads. The ROI seemed to be better with search, and the levels of data analysis that one could do were far more developed in search than on Facebook. Perhaps in response to this criticism, Facebook redesigned its ad offering with a focus on improving the amount of data available to the advertiser. Now, advertisers will get to see a host of additional pieces of information, even conversions (again)! This is a big deal for Facebook and its advertising contingent. It’s also about time!
  • If you’re a small business owner and you’re managing your own PPC campaign,WastingMoney then you may want to read this study suggesting that you could be wasting about a quarter of your budget. PPC accounts require active management and the latest tools to become more efficient and, in many cases, the biggest problem with accounts that we’ll come across here at Wpromote is not that they are a disaster, but rather that they are running fine with plenty of room for improvement. Never settle for a mediocre account! If you have any interest in getting your AdWords account looked at, the nice folks here at Wpromote would be happy to check it out!


Thanks again for coming back to the Plethora after a weeklong absence. There’s always something new going on in the world of online marketing, so please keep coming back every week. And don’t forget to check out the Smattering for all of your SEO news needs as well!


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